January Value Special: Juicing more for less

We are finally here, almost 3 weeks into January – I guess I need to accept it is officially 2013! Still doesn’t feel quite right writing it down at work..

So how are your new years resolutions going? Still existent? One of my resolutions was to eat more fruit and veg and so I got a juicer in the hope that liquifying my 5 a day would somehow make me more healthy AND efficient. Busy modern gals, so little time yknow.

But instead of detoxing myself, I’ve somehow ended up retoxing my budget. Who knew eating healthily and getting my 5 a day could be so friggin expensive

Dramatic statements aside, making your own does work out cheaper than spending £5 a go at Crrush (creator of my juice addiction) but it can grow to be an expensive habit, especially if you’re going beyond the realms of apples, oranges and carrots…

Fortunately, I have some good tips about juicing more for less. Face Value style. HOORAY.

The actual machine

My actual juicer was courtesy of my parents for Xmas  so it worked out very cheap for me. 

For those of you who don’t have a birthday coming up or any other event where you can command a free juicer, check out sites like Groupon who did at least two juicing deals in the run up before Christmas. I almost-bought them each time, in fact I’m convinced that my juicer IS the one from Groupon..

My juicing machine in prime juicing action!

The Ingredients

Fruit & veg can be quite expensive because it’s not easy to produce. Unpredictable weather conditions and all sorts of bio-related factors mean that the price of fruit and veg cannot be guaranteed.

Meat, on the other hand, can be produced with most conditions that the UK throws at us, thus the price tends to be a lot more stable with cheaper meat constantly available.

This does not help my cheap juicing – how can I source cheaper fruit & veg without growing it myself?

1. Help from ‘THE MAN’

Check out any subsidised schemes running at your workplace, gym or health centre.

Our workplace sells fruit at a 10p a piece, so I’ll buy a couple of pieces the day before I plan to get ma juice on.

2. The Big Freeze

Big berry fans out there, switch to frozen now! Studies show that frozen berries are equal, if not higher, in nutritional value to fresh berries – they last longer and they work out cheaper since you don’t pay for stalks and stones. 

Half the time I plan to make 14 juices and end up making 4 – so for times where ambition is countered by laziness, don’t throw them away – freeze them! Extra veg can be made into soups or stews and then frozen too.

3. To Market, to Market.

Make like a little piggy and head down to the market! There are some great deals available, discover the wonder of the £1 bowl! 

Prices are especially good on produce which is in season. It’s January – what’s in season? Carrots, Beetroot, Celery, Apples, Lemon, Clementines oh yeah, and turnips, careface.  Check out Eat The Seasons info page

I resisted making a rude pic out of this one… “LOL”.

Face Value Tip: If you go just before they’re closing, they’re often desperate to get rid of stock and can sell whole crates for £1! Find out what day your local market is closed, and go the afternoon before. Clearance prices will be especially cheap and a lot of what you find will be ripe and ready to juice! 

4. Weigh weigh weigh.

When in the supermarket it’s very easy to just grab the pre-packed bundle because you assume it’s cheaper. A lot of these bags don’t have the weight displayed or clearly marked, the sly bastards, but if you weigh them, you might find you’re actually better off buying loose apples, or apples of a better grade.

Face Value example: I grabbed a bag of Tesco Value Apples but when I weighed it, I discovered I was paying pretty much the same price as loose, nicer apples. So I smugly bought the loose non-value apples and imagined I had gained a one-up on Tesco. (chyeah right)

Most loose fruit & veg has that teeny weeny price on the shelf tag under the main price which tells you how much it is per kilo. A lot of pre-packed stuff avoids this so you gotta firstly weigh it to work out how much it is per kilo – then compare this to the loose price.

Finally, a real excuse to use those silver scales! I swear I haven’t touched them since I was a kid – I used to pretend to be a shopkeeper and weigh everything. Sorry parents.

Finally – the hardest one for me: ONLY BUY WHAT YOU NEED. You know it’s true! I’m not gonna lecture you on throwing food away but it’s NAUGHTY and certainly bad for your budget..

Hope you found these tips useful for getting your juice onnnn – I literally am running out of excuses to avoid my new years resolutions now… pants.

Anyone got a nice juicing recipes for me?


Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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