New Year – new resolutions to break

2013- another year already. Judging by the growing wear on my SNOOZE button, I certainly am not adjusting to work life easily…. LOL, I’m actually writing this using the voice search on a tablet and when I need a full stop I have to say period  (damn american corporations) so  I just had to say period period period.. Oh lord, am I still drunk?

Moving on!

New years resolutions. Have you thought of yours yet? Forget the boring ones about exercising more, eating more fruit and flossing – I have decide to come up with a couple Face Value style resolutions. They may not be vital health/life decisions but I will probably abandon them mid-March as I would do all the serious resolutions.. 

Thou shalt resolve to.. 

1. Wash your makeup brushes daily , as often as possible. 

Yes, yes we all know cleaning your brushes is important. Its helps you stop spreading bacteria and debris across your face and it also helps your colours and textures stay true to how they were intended. Ideally, one should wash brushes daily especially brushes which use cream and liquid cosmetics as these harbour bacteria more easily than powder. 

In reality, daily?? Sure, I’ll do it straight after I finish my home baked cookies and done my Finnish practice… We all know daily aint gonna happen so lets aim for every fortnight at least and sooner for priority brushes. 

FACE VALUE TIP: there are specialist cleaners out there which you squeeze into water and swill your brushes in, but- for beauties on a budget, any sort of gentle shampoo like baby shampoo is a good substitute. 

In terms of how to wash your brushes – Make sure you wash brush-side down so that you don’t end up over-soaking the bits that hold the brush together!

2. Moisturise your neck daily

Yes you read right – your neck! It may not get that dry tight feeling that facial skin gets but your neck needs moisture too. I’m going to aim to moisturise my neck every time I moisturise my face- the same moisturiser will do, ideally one with an SPF during the day. In fact, any of those creams you bought but ended up feeling too heavy on your face will probably be fine for your neck! Remember to apply in gentle upwards sweeping motions so you don’t drag the skin the wrong way!  

Why? To prevent ageing and the dreaded turkey neck of course! You could have the prettiest youthful face but premature sagging and deep lines will always give the game away.. Go on, go look at your neck in the mirror now!

3. Try all the colours in the palette, not just the usual suspects 

When i get a new eyeshadow quad, I usually divert straight to the colours i wear most ie BROWN. This year, not only am I going to try the other shades on my eyes, i’m also going to try and find other uses for them. 

If that glittery cream eyeshadow is really not your thing, try it as a highlighter over your cheekbones! Not sure about coating your lids in royal blue? Try a quick sweep along the lower lashes as an eyeliner.

Be brave, try something new and get your moneys worth!

4. VALUE related – use reward credit cards and cash back sites where I can!

Image: Thisismoney.comThis really is about getting something for nothing – sometimes one tiny change is all it needs. For example, by using my SUPER Visa which gives me Air miles instead of my RUBBISH Visa which gives me nothing, I collected enough points in one year to get a return flight to New York! Now all I need to do is collect enough for one more so I don’t have to go alone… Do I need any other reason to spend? Just don’t accidentally try pay for shoes with a Tesco Clubcard like I did.. 

With the nonstop rise of online shopping, my post `Get Paid To Shop Online?!` highlights how cash back sites can give you money back on your spend at big name sites including ASOS, Boots, Debenhams as well as mobile providers and online insurance. Looking better for less just got easier! 

Anyone have the same resolutions this year? What resolutions do you guys have to suggest for me?


Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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