TLC for Dry and Damaged hair

We spend all this time applying lotions and potions to our face but so many people forget about their hair. No matter how sh-mazing your hairstyle is, if your hair is badly conditioned it will just undo all the work you’ve done so far – but it’s very easily resolved!

Cold weather and central heating, not to mention ultra-max GHD use for all those Xmas parties has led my hair having split ends and coarse tips. Yuck.

Fortunately for those in my position, the product range out there for damaged hair is rapidly growing. Nourishing masks, sprays and oils can all be applied to wet hair, either after shampooing or after your shower, and now dry hair is getting a slice of the action too!

Hair Masks

Cream masks are all over the commercial market – you apply these after shampooing and leave for 5 minutes to allow the mask to penetrate the hair. I find these the easiest to use mainly cos they’re there in the shower as a constant reminder and I just apply them everytime I wash my hair. Voila.

I’m currently using L’Oreal Everpure Colour Care Intense Mask. It’s a very unique smell – Rosemary and Mint – and I actually quite like it in a bizarre aren’t-these-herbs-for-eating sort of way. This is part of the Sulphate-Free range released by L’Oreal and is basically a sort-of Organic range. 

Sulphates are suspected to cause frizzing and are meant to be more damaging to coloured hair. BOO! Get rid? In my eyes, the less chemicals in it, the better – assuming that they haven’t replaced the chemicals with something else naughty!

After using this mask, my hair is definitely stronger at the tips and feels reinforced but it wasn’t particularly better than any other hair mask that I’ve used. But the Sulphate-Free line is a plus in my eyes – we really don’t realise how many chemicals we use on our body – I’m guessing it’s a lot?

Hair Oil

Thanks to the boom in Moroccan Oil, the idea of hair oil sounds relatively recent but it has actually been around for aaaaaages.

VO5 used to do tubes of oil which you heated up in a cup of hot water and then applied to your hair as a mask. However, this was time consuming and a bit messy, you could only do it when you wash your hair. And most of the hair oils on the market are to be applied to damp hair. But how many times does a girl need to wash her hair?! What if I want a bit of conditioning, without having to get towel-dried hair? 

Enter Dove Nourishing Oil Leave In Conditioner Spray! This is a spray that you can use on wet AND dry hair. Brilliant! 

Basically, it’s two layers in a convenient spray which you can apply either to damp hair for nourishment before blow-drying, or to dry hair – for a quick boost when your ends are feeling dryer than the Sahara Desert.

According to Dove, the first layer contains special Fibre Actives™ technology which penetrates the hair in order to deeply repair from the inside. Can I get an oOOooH?  The layer looks white and creamy, like how you imagine a  moisturising cream to look if it were a spray. 

The second layer however is more oily and sits on top of the first layer until you shake it. It’s apparently made of “Nutri Oils, a unique blend of Argan, almond and coconut oils to restore moisture and nourish hair”.  Thanks Dove, we’ll be the judge of THAT.

Results? On wet hair, it’s effective but hardly groundbreaking. However on dry hair – it’s ideal. A little boost of moisture when your hair needs it – but lighter than a serum and very easy to apply. 

Face Value Tip: Spritz your hair with this after your blowdry to get rid of that just-washed fluffiness!

Hair oil like Moroccan Oil and Argan Oil is meant to be used sparingly, and I actually find it quite hard to spread 3 drops of this magic oil across the whole of my hair. The Dove leave-in spray is actually more of a mist-er so you get a fine & even cover of glooorious moisture, just at the touch of a button. This must be how plants must feel when they get spritzed….

Do you have time for hair masks these days? How do you apply your hair oil?


Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

Zoe is a Forbes ’30 under 30′ finance pro, style writer, presenter and panellist, working for a fashion startup and trying to live that best life in the most IRL way possible.

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  1. Cat0805
    January 6, 2013 / 9:12 pm

    Great post darling, very informative. I'm very lucky with my hair so don't have to invest much time or money in it, but do like a good hair mask every now and again :DOutsideBeautyInsideHealth

  2. A Girl Called Julie
    January 7, 2013 / 9:26 pm

    Great post, I think I'll probably be investing in the Dove Spray, as the Dove intensive repair hair mask has been my go to hair saviour for years now! Can't go wrong with dove! Now following 🙂 x

  3. Chrisi
    January 11, 2013 / 12:05 pm

    I use the Kerastase elixir oils (they do 4 different types depending on your hair needs; I use the one for dry/damaged hair). I would reccommend them massively (!!) but they are not exactly cheap. However in terms of how long they last, not being too heavy and being easily applicable to the whole of your hair I think that they are definitely worth it. Maybe worth a future review?

  4. Christina Whitehead
    February 10, 2013 / 7:42 pm

    I use the Kerastase hair oils and they are simply amaaazing. I've been trying to grow my hair for the last 4 years with no success UNTIL I discovered this stuff. You should definitely check them out/do a review as they do different formulas for different hair types and they're not as heavy as Moroccan oil. Ooh and they smell GOOD!

  5. Svetlana L
    January 29, 2014 / 8:02 pm

    Loreal is one f my fav brand… I haven't tried these hair products yet but i'll def gonna do that… Besides these one are sulphate free and that's obviously makes me want to try them