#28 Kisses: Maxfactor Colour Effect Flipstick

I love flipsticks! With one colour at either end, they are pretty much two lipsticks for the price of one. 

And to make Flipsticks even better, Maxfactor Lip Effects have come up with a clever way to combine them, so now – it’s THREE for the price of one! Barg.

Today’s lipstick is one of six Maxfactor Colour Effect Flipsticks and features two shades – one intense and creamy colour and a lighter, shimmery shade. 

Colour Swatches

This Flipstick is #30 Gipsey Red. NEE NAW PC-Police : are they even allowed to call it that these days? Shock horror 😉 

The base colour is an orange-toned bright red with a hint of shimmer. Lovely on it’s own, but not quite as creamy as I’d like, it feels a bit like a cheaper lipstick.

The highlighter is irridescent gold and light in texture. Blended together, they look lush – check it out.

How to use this?

The idea is to apply the darker colour first and then use the lighter shade to highlight. If done correctly, your lips can look bigger and more voluminous – just by the magic of clever contouring.

To highlight – dab the lighter colour in the centre of your lips and also, at the cupids bow. If you look closely at two and three, you will see it’s lighter in these areas.

For me, it did make an impact but the look is a bit too subtle – if we’re gonna fake it, let’s FAAAKE IT.

The Color Effect Flipsticks are available at Boots for £8.49 and there’s currently a three-for-two deal…

What do you think of lip contouring? Can you see a difference? 

It’s easily done if you have any lighter shade to hand – but would you try it?


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