#28 Kisses: Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Cherry

I participated in my first blog swap this week and it is THE BEST decision I made this yeeeear (look, its been a long january okay..) 

For those that aren’t familiar with a blog swap, basically you agree to buy a fellow blogger some products, and they send you something too! Kinda like a modern day pen-pal… a pen-pal who gives you presents.

COOL huh?

So my blogger-swap-pen-pal person was the lovely Beka Gough from Beka’s Beauty. She sent me a lovely collection of Sleek makeup! 

Naturally, I was a bit concerned that I might just get a load of stuff I’ll never use but BOOM! Beka, this collection is SPOT ON. As a big lash and lip fan, these were perfect for me.

I’ll be swatching the eye-shadow palette this weekend, but for now – let’s look at the lipstick!

Sleek True Colour Lipstick is absolutely PACKED with pigments. I hate lipsticks that look amazing but don’t come out the same when applied to your lips. BOO to them.

This colour is Cherry, and its a dark burgundy wine shade which is ideal for a bit of late night drama teamed with eyeliner flicks and porcelain skin.

Straight after work!

I’ll be honest, I just couldn’t wait to try it -I COMMITTED A BLOGGER SIN!! 

I know you’re meant to photo it in pristine condition first but alas, I have no self control.  I popped it on the moment I got home from work!

Therefore, here’s a stock photo of the lipstick below, in pristine condition… Soz.

True Colour Lipstick-Cherry 

Details details – the finish is quite matte and gives that velvety look I love! 

Apply it with a lipbrush pen for more accurate and long-lasting colour, or even straight from the bullet for an instant day-to-night transformation.

FACE VALUE TIP: I recommend buffing your lips a bit before application since the dry areas will pick up more colour and be darker – you can see that in my picture below.

Vintage fans will love this siren shade and for me, it’s perfect for concealing my red-wine lips on friday nights! GUILTY.

This is a lovely universal colour to suit all, particularly pale-skinned girls who are going for the gothic glam look. The Sleek website actually has swatches of the lipstick on different skin tones. 

And £4.99, you can definitely try it as an experiment!

So what do you think of Day 2? Would you wear this during the day? Have you tried any Sleek products before?

Has anyone else done a blog swap/want to do one again?!!! PRESENTS..


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17 thoughts on “#28 Kisses: Sleek True Colour Lipstick in Cherry

  1. I really enjoy reading your blog… Im a new blogger and would love to do a swap real soon. How do you begin one? Also i found it very hard to find a perfect red lipstick for myself.. I dont really like too much shimmer especially on red but i just recently purchased mac ruby woo im actually gonna do a review on it but its a simple red color but with a matte finish that just looks perfect on every skin tone…

    1. I organised the blog swap zoe was in so send me a email if your interested for the next one 🙂

  2. Ooh WOW! that is a mega striking colour!! I love it, might have to try it, altho me being as pale as Casper, it probably wouldnt suit me (boooo) -looks gorgeous on you!!Nice to have found you!Clairexxhttp://pennyforthem1.blogspot.co.uk

  3. The palette has very beautiful colors, lipstick, it's beautiful, even my favorite color and it really is so velvety, imagine how good I would have these products hehehe.

  4. Oh my , it is a beautiful colour. Hoping that the online shop in our country would stock up on sleek products again. It been months since i saw any of their products available and i want to buy rose gold blush , matte dark eye shadow palette ( forgot its name ) and face pallete from them (you know the one with a blush , bronzer and highlighter )

    1. Ohh Faiza – don't get me started – I know exactly which rose gold blush you mean! And yes – the blush by 3!!! NEED IT. x

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