28Kisses: E.L.F Studio Matte Lip Colour

Now I’m not one to judge but… 

…if you haven’t yet discovered E.L.F (eyeslipsface.co.uk), it’s like you’ve been LIVING IN A CAVE and not yet seen the light!

E.L.F sells lots of great quality cosmetics, at really affordable prices. They do a good range of brushes and, right now, I am giving some serious overtime to their skin-enhancing, complexion boosting products. (see ya later hangover face!)

But today, it’s Lipstick day. This lipstick was only £3.75 AND i got it with a 50% discount code – what an absolute bargain. Positively criminal!

And here’s the culprit itself.

Vital Statistics

Colour: Praline

Format: Crayon

Finish: Matte

Texture: Velvet

It’s a neutral taupe/mauve colour – and I’ll be honest, the first time I put it on, I hated it! I thought I looked like the walking dead.

But now, having adjusted to the nude lip effect, I actually quite like it!

What’s the occasion?

It’s very elegant and grown-up. A shade that ooozes “cashmere & pearls daaaarling” rather than “sequins and gloss baby!!” 

I’d team this with a classic blazer/white t-shirt ensemble, taupe on the eyelids with big sooty lashes.

Maybe a donut in my hair too if I could actually master how to use one…!!

This colour is a perfect balance for girls like me who like to hype up the drama on the eyes & keep it nude on the lips.   

The crayon style makes application an absolute breeeze – it gives you the control of a lip liner, so you can be very precise around the cupids bow.

Its ‘subtle chic’ rather an “Im going out-out!” colour but it’s still got a flush of pink to keep it interesting/not dead.

So then, what do you think? Night of the living dead eek, or elegant chic?   
(took me ages to think of that, just go with it)


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