Basics but better: Lord & Berry Scuba Mascara and Kajal Eyeliner

Today it’s a cosmetic brand which I’d heard of but not yet tried. Lord & Berry. Doesn’t it sound so regal?

Like the responsible blogger I’m trying to be, I did my research, checked out the goods. When I heard Lord & Berry was primarily a fashion-based cosmetics house producing a range of on-trend colours, I was dubious. Cynical almost. HMMMMM. I sometimes find that fashion-based brands focus on the colours and textures but skimp on the quality.

So how did Lord & Berry do?

This week I’ve been trying the Scuba Waterproof Mascara and the Couture Kohl Kajal Eye pencil.

Again, dubious Zoe Dubs raises her eyebrows. HMMMMM. I’ve never been a fan of waterproof mascara. Namely because all the ones I’ve tried have been a poor version of their non waterproof sisters – either too oily, too thin coverage or with a funny smell? Woweee I sound like a right grumpus.

Well. The Lord & Berry mascara formulation is actually, quite honestly, very good! It doesn’t oil or smudge and lasts for ages without transferring onto my lower lids. Long-lasting? TICK. 

But the coverage isn’t as thick as I’d like – I’m a big fan of lashes like BUTTERFLIES on my face and although I think this mascara adds a bit of length, the volume coverage is still a bit too natural (after 2 coats)

Waterproof wise, yup it does the job – and in the interests of science, I performed my own little experiments, the most heavy duty being testing it in a shower of British weather (simulated by my shower, cunning non?)

Now onto the Kohl eyeliner

In #0101 Deep Black, this silky formula contains Kohl which has been around for absolute centuries – since the Egyptians BC!

This baby is intensely pigmented, deliciously soft and smudgy and literally … THE longest eyeliner I’ve ever had.

Its not about the size, it’s what you do with it!

So, innuendos aside-  here’s a couple of looks I created with the duo..

Look #1

Firstly I went back to minimalist basic. Thick kohl liner on the inside lid with a lashing of mascara.

Look #2

The second was a bit more 90s grunge –  dark lids, lined eyes, strong brows and nude lips. I should point out – everything below is done using the eyeliner.

The beauty of kohl is that it’s a multi tasker – it really can be used for a lot of things. 

In the look above I’ve smudged it into brows, lined the eyes AND blended it over the lid. This whole face is done with three products – foundation, lipstick and Lord & Berry eyeliner!

Kohl Caution

One thing I would say is Kohl is a drifter, loyal to no home – it’s unlikely to stay put in one place for long.

Worn as a top lid liner during the day, it eventually transfers to the lower lids which made it look like i’d smudged eyeliner underneath. (yeah it’s “deliberate”)  Ideal for taking you from day to night with minimal effort but not one for beauties that like control!

FaceValue tip: To help keep kohl in its place, dust a little translucent powder over the top or try a makeup sealer..

The eyeliner is available from for £11 and the mascara is £10

It may seem steep for an eyeliner but it really is a great little multitasker. This eyeliner can be your liner, your shadow, your beauty best friend – and due to its size it will literally last FOREVER. Best beauty friends forever ahhhhh…

What other multi-purpose products do you use?  Does anyone else have any other uses for eyeliner? 

For those saving cash, it’s all about getting the most from your makeup!


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  1. Hello, I love your blog so I have decided to nominate your lovely self for the Libster Award! Check out my blogpost if you're interested in taking part! xxx

  2. Thanks for the review, I was thinking about buying the eyeliner but glad I didn't now I know it smudges! 🙂 xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  3. really helpful! I got a recommendation by a client to try the scuba mascara as she used it on an underwater shoot, but I wondered if it was any better than a standard waterproof mascara! I know synchronised swimmers use maybelline great lash waterproof and it does the trick, so I think I'll just stick to that for now 🙂

    1. Thanks William! I've not really found any good w/proof mascaras yet but this is the closest to normal formulations that I've found. I might try out Great Lash now… x

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