Dream Nails with Bella Loretta Custom-Designed Nails

Okay. Here’s a statement for you: I am the worst person when it comes to beautiful nails.

FIRSTLY, I can’t paint my nails for shiz – I’d probably get a better result by filling a bowl with polish and dipping my fingers in.

SECONDLY- I have also (on occasion) been known to wear the same chipped nails for weeks on end, like some ugly science experiment on my hands. 

Whaaat?! I know! So for me, faking it is really the best option….

Let’s talk stick-on nails. Now I don’t know about you but I’ve not worn stick-on nails since my Year 12 Prom – some awful square French claws which made each of my fingers look like they had plastic Krispy Kreme hats on. Eek.

Well how about custom designed nails? 

Enter, Miss Loretta Fletcher who runs her own salon in Basildon called Bella Loretta. Now for those of you who can’t get to Basildon, Loretta offers a customised nails service where she will send you custom-designed nails in the post! 

Being of little creative talent when it comes to nails – I let her work the magic. My design brief was : nails I could wear both for work and going out out – and I got these beauties!

Aren’t they adorable?

All the smartasses may be thinking – but false nails are different sizes – how do they fit? HUSH smartasses. It’s easy. 

Loretta sends you a range of numbered blank nails – and you let her know what sizes fit you best. Alternatively, you can send her a set of blank nails, and she will work on those.

In terms of price range it depends on how much work it takes – but you’re looking at between £20 and £25 which I think is great value for custom-designed nails!

Check out her designs on her Facebook page – there are literally miiiiiiiilllions.

You can use normal nail glue but Loretta sent some sticky tabs with my nails which were sort of like nail shaped double-sided tape – and sticking the nails on was an absolute breeze. (I did it on a Virgin train out of Euston – the man next to me was both amused and FASCINATED.)

I got compliments on my new nails all day and all night. They really did look beaut. 

How long did the magic last?

They lasted a couple of days before the thumb started to feel a bit loose and to remove them, with the tabs, all i had to do was press down and slide off – my nails didn’t seem damaged at all which is sometimes what you get with nail glue. 

FACE VALUE TIP: You need to trim the sticky tape right down away from the nail edge otherwise you gather debris like bits of fluff and teeny animals stuck to the edges of your nails.

The only thing I think could have been improved was the thickness of the accent nail – to get that really smooth finish I guess you have to layer on the lacquer, but these nails were a little bit thick in comparison to the others and felt a bit big for the nail.

Anything else?

Not to detract from a really decent product but there’s also a story behind this product. Loretta has been suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis since she was 19 and when I read her story here, I was really moved to hear how she managed to turn her life around and make the most out of what can be a crippling and very painful condition.

Please do take some time to read her story, and help raise awareness of NRAS.

You can find Loretta on twitter at @Bella_Loretta

If you were design your own nails, what would you ask for? What do your dream nails look like?


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    1. They are gorge aren't they? Perfect for the Spring feeling i've got, even if the weather's not playing ball!

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