The Elemis Adventure continues: FreshSkin Dreamy Sleep Night Cream

Lavender and Geraniums. A floral breeze, a soothing scent … is that the smell of Spring in the air?

Nah mate. It’s my latest cream, the Dreamy Sleep night cream by Elemis. Gotcha…hahaha..aha..ah…..hmm.

SO. After my review of the Softly Softly Day Cream, it was only natural that I would venture into the Night territory. And it did not disappoint!

Marketed as an overnight replenishing cream, the Dreamy Sleep night cream is designed to make your skin look like you’ve had your full 8 hours by intensely moisturising and nourishing your skin to reveal a radiant face in the morning.

What’s in it?

Following the Elemis philosophy, it’s derived from natural ingredients, combining the power of Nature with Science. Pow.

Ingredients-wise, the key workers here are blackcurrant seed oil and barley extract which are meant to improve your skin texture and increase smoothness.

What did I like about it?

Like it’s sister, the day cream, it smells absolutely delicious! I love the scent. Slightly sweeter than the day cream and less lavender. What a treat.

Normally, I find night creams like this too heavy. The need to replenish lost moisture in the skin sometimes results in a cream which becomes greasy overnight. Shiny shiny.

I used to use the Nivea Daily Essentials Night Cream for Combination Skin but I’d end up with oily, shiny skin in the morning. BOO.

On the other hand, the Dreamy Sleep cream is light and fluid– very easy to smooth across the whole of my face without dragging and not too heavy. It’s very refreshing– I’d say more suited to oily skins and those who like a light-weight moisturiser.

Overall performance?

Probably not the one for skins in need of serious TLC, but a nice little luxury treat for a normal/combi chick like me.

At £22, it’s hardly cheap but the quality reflects the price and it does last ages. I love using expensive creams, they feel far more luxurious and you appreciate them so so much more when you know they’re expensive

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Does anyone else use Elemis products? Have you tried the Freshskin range?

What’s your favourite night cream?


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8 thoughts on “The Elemis Adventure continues: FreshSkin Dreamy Sleep Night Cream

    1. Awww bubs! Dont worry, I am balancing out the world of lavender demand – I absolutely love the stuff, especially before bed! x

  1. Elemis is such a fab brand. I totally know what you mean about heavy night creams – nivea is definitely heavy and shiny! I would totally try this and I love lavender and blackurrant xxx

    1. It is lovely – it doesn't smell much of blackcurrant but its perfect for night-time relaxation! Loveeee the smell x

  2. I quite like calming scents like how you describe this. Might have to give it a go. Nice review and thanks for the shout out. 🙂 x

  3. I have tried this but didn't really feel like it did very much, I got bored of it! My favourite night cream at the moment is a doctor organics coconut one, but i'm fickle so i'm such it will be different in a few weeks 🙂 Poppy | far away xx

    1. Hahha, i'm the same – I need to chop and change, but I don't mind going back to old creams. I just love the smell of this – haven't seen a noticeable change in skin texture but its just yummmmy x

  4. I absolutely love love love Elemis treatments! The products are always so beautiful and you get visible results.elemis products

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