Easter Haul : The Day I Went To Bicester Village

What did you guys get up to Easter Weekend? The majority of mine was a blur of scoffing chocolate and singing Lord Of The Dance but there was one little day of note amongst the four…

It shall forever be known as ‘The day I  went to Bicester and bought lots of things’

Bicester Village Michael Kors Clinique

I’m sure many of you are noooo stranger to Bicester but for those who are yet to see the light, Bicester Village is this outlet shopping centre in the middle of the Oxfordshire countryside. It sells big name branded goods for discounted prices – what’s not to love?

My favourite store there is The Cosmetics Company Store which sells high end cosmetic brands like MAC, Bobbi Brown and Estée Lauder – for cheaper…. naturally I decided to pop in and BUY STUFF.

I spent a long long time in there yesterday. I was kind enough to release Mr FV from the experience but i was there so long, he had time to check up on me twice, go for a coffee and then when he came back I was JUST about ready to pay  (once I’d been told off for taking so long haha)

So what did I get???

As a frequent sufferer of buyers remorse, I  limited myself to just two items since returns were a non option given the travel required. 

Firstly – an item I need. 

Clinique Clarifying Lotion in no2– for me this is an absolute game changer in terms of skincare. It’s an exfoliating toner which noticeably improved my skin texture without the overdrying or red effect that some exfoliating products have.

It normally retails at about £25 but I bought the giant bottle for £18,

I’ve used this everyday for the past two years and when I recently sacked it off in favour of La Roche Posay, my skin had a little tantrum which I’m still paying the price for!

THEREFORE (and linked to aforementioned skin tantrum), a product I desiiiiired – the Clinique Even Better Concealer

Having tried and liked the Even Better Foundation, I bought the concealer version which is designed to blur imperfections, brighten dark circles and even out skin tone.

Clinique Even Better Concealer Review Discount

I haven’t tried it yet but judging by the texture, the Even Better Concealer is lusciously creamy yet not so  heavy that you can’t blend it.

Its full of brightening pink corrective pigments too so I think it will work wonders under the eye. 

I bought this for £11 when it’s normally about £18

Finally – the big buy. 

Not to go all Face Value Fashion Blog on you but I bought a Michael Kors handbag. A little (very) early birthday present to myself…..

Isnt it beautiful?? I love royal blue and i think the gold accents compliment it perfectly without looking too cheap. 

The leather is that delicious butter-soft kind too and I can’t stop touching iiiiiiit!

I don’t buy expensive handbags out of habit but Michael Kors is right next door to Mulberry and having spent 20 minutes touching, hmming and ahhhing over all the £700 bags in Mulberry, it seemed really easy to spend £200 on this one instead. 

I think my logic is pretty common because the Michael Kors unit has doubled in size since I last went…

And there we go – my Bicester haul. What do you think?

Have you tried any of the Clinique products I bought? What products are game changers for you?

Happy Easter all, time to go watch Game Of Thrones now….. 



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18 thoughts on “Easter Haul : The Day I Went To Bicester Village

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  2. I love Outlet Villages, my CCS stocks old MAC products too! Adore the handbag, what a bright and beautiful colour!

  3. I Absolutely loooove the bag. You can't go wrong with royal blue lolhttp://becausebeautyisrawandwild.blogspot.com/Lunae

    1. Awhh, thanks bubs! Its quite a statement colour, its bringing out the Spring vibes in me haha x

  4. I've not been to Bicester Village in years which is probably a good thing lol .Love that bag! xx

    1. I normally go once a year, but now that I've found the Cosmetics Store I'm tempted to go back more often… :/

  5. Hi! Just to make sure, you paid 200£ for that blue MK bag??I am from Finland and visiting in BV after 2 weeks.I really wait that visit if is possible to find treasures like you did!! Thatis goergous bag!!

    1. Hiyaaaaa – I think it was £249? It also comes in brown and white. You really need to go to Bicester, it's GREAT 🙂

  6. I'm trying to find out (without much success) if the Cosmetics Company Store sells Kiehls. Do you remember seeing it by any chance?

  7. Just found this page…..you know I love a good MK bag!! Really like yours. I can't wait to go back even though the boyfriend thinks I have enough bags…WRONG, never have enough bags. I'm going to carry on nosing around more pages now 🙂 Caz

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