Gotta be delicious with Got2b Oil-licious!

I’ve not been a fan of hair oils for a long time. I find them hard to apply evenly all over the hair and I can never get the right balance of too much vs too little. I normally end up with flat hair with lank patches and very messy hands.

But hey, Brad divorced Jen, the Spice Girls became 4 – sometimes THINGS CHANGE.

And I have officially changed my opinion on hair oil, thanks to a little trial of the new Got2b Oil-licious styling oil.

Schwarzkopf got2b oil-licious hair oil

This product is designed for everyday use to nourish, strengthen and provide glorious shiiiine to hair. 

It contains Argan Oil – the wonderkid that’s the heart of the Morrocanoil formula which has been taking the haircare world by storm – as well as some other goodies like vitamin E. MMMM.

What can you use this for?

1. Pre-wash : Applying oil before getting into the shower gives extra care to damaged hair. Wet hair breaks a lot easier than dry hair, so applying an oil beforehand helps detangle locks before they get wet.

Face Value Tip: You’ve heard of pre-cleanse for face, so why not for hair? A pre-oil treatment prevents over-cleansing of the hair which is great for scalps already stripped of moisture.

2. Pre-style : Apply a pump of this to towel dried hair for more manageable styling, frizz prevention and added protection

3. Dry styling : The oil can be used on dry hair, like a serum, for a touch of moisture, sleekness and calm whenever you need it

Got2b Oil-licious is amber-coloured and silky in texture. It’s not so runny that it drips everywhere, but it’s thin enough to be spread in palms and distributed evenly.

Schwarzkopf got2b oil-licious hair oil

The Results?

To be honest, as a “styling oil” , it’s okay. Not bad but not amazing. Yes, it’s very lightweight and it doesn’t leave my hands sticky but when it comes to dry application, it’s quite similar to other serums I’ve tried.

Where it reeeeeally comes into its own is when you apply a couple of pumps as a blowdry solution. When Oil-licious is applied to my towel-dried hair, it sped up my drying time and left my hair literally feeling …like-ShMAZING-wow.  Sorry, there are no other words for it.

My hair was noticeably soft, with that strong, padded feeling that makes your hair look and feel expensive. As a product hoarder, I’m no stranger to strengthening treatments or blow-dry solutions, and this made my hair feel better than quite a lot of them and quickly too!!

Schwarzkopf got2b oil-licious hair oil

Check out this photo for proof! After a blow dry my hair is normally a bit fuzzier than this, with lots of split ends – but with Oil-licious, my hair is smooth, even and very very soft!

I’d say Oil-licious is one for people who have normal hair needing slightly more care at the lengths and ends. As a long haired gal I thought it was great for a bit of added luxury and protection before a blow dry. As a serum, it does help to tame the hair and add shine, but its not quite groundbreaking.

It’s so lightweight that you don’t have to worry about over-doing it. I used at least 2 pumps for my hair before the blow dry, and then added another pump after. It’s so well-priced, you really don’t have to worry about trying to restrain yourself!

I love the handbag size of this product, so if you’re prone to a bit of dryness or wildness during the day, this is a great product to slip in your bag.

You can find out more about the got2b Styling range at the Facebook page here.

Oil-licious retails at about £4 and I’ve seen it on offer for almost half that – definitely worth a try before you think about remortaging for the Moroccanoil!

Do you use hair oils? What brands do you recommend?

What do you use hair oils for? Pre blow dry, moisture mask or general taming?

Are you Brad & Jen or Brangelina?!!


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10 thoughts on “Gotta be delicious with Got2b Oil-licious!

  1. Brad & jen for me. Like the colour of this oil. It looks quite thick in the bottle but on your hand looks lighter. Might try if its only 4 ppundsem ( pinsandbows )

  2. Brangelina all the way! Have spent longer than is healthy gazing at the photo of your hair. Gorgeous. I'm too awed to even be jealous!

    1. Awhhh faaaaanks! Its not normally like that, I was so surprised. For my hair, more is more with this oil – it literally drank it up and it wasn't too heavy! x

  3. I love hair oils so may have to try this, cute blog! :) xxx

    1. Lol no, sorry! I'm not affiliated with got2b, but I'm sure if you ask them on their twitter or FB page you might get an answer! x

  4. i was looking to buy this, so glad i read your review first, definite must to buy now! love your blog! x

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