MONEY MONDAY: 20% Off Noms At The Station

Money Monday! A little treat for your purses AND your tummies today. It’s something that I signed up for ages ago but no one really seems to know about. 

Do you ever take the train? Do you like to EAT? The majority of answers I’m hoping should be yes. Anyone who doesn’t like to eat will probably be highly offended by my Instagram..

Picture this.

You’re at Euston station about to hop on a Virgin Pendolino to Birmingham and you’re starving. So many options to choose from to satisfy your hunger – a Whopper from Burger King, one of those delightful ham & cheese croissants from Delice de France – maybe even a gooey chewy cookie from Millies Cookies?

Poison of choice selected, you go to pay and BOOM. Have 20% off. Taa.

How? Get a Bite Card.

Bite what? The Bite Card is a discount card which gets you 20% off at food outlets in UK Network Rail stations. There’s no annual charge and it’s free to sign up!

A lot of my friends ask me how to save more money – other than physically squirrelling away more cash, it’s lots of small actions like this which add up in the long run.

Saving a pound off a Whopper Meal doesn’t sound like much, but if you’re a weekly Whopper kind of gal like me – its over £50 a year saved! Whoopee!

To get your Bite Card sent straight to you, sign up at

Is this something you could use? Do you already own a BITE card? Aren’t the ham and cheese croissants from Delice de France amazing?!


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