Oriflame Triple Core 3D Lipstick: “If ya don’t got it.. fake it!”

Big lips are on my list. 

My “I wish I had, but i don’t..so I’ll fake it” list. 

You know what I’m sayin’ bluds – my eyelashes aren’t reeally this long, my hair hasn’t actually been washed today – it’s all just one big illusion isn’t it? 

An illusion aided by a series of products who I like to think of as teeny tiny magician’s assistants in a bottle.

Today’s lippie, the Triple Core 3D lipstick by Oriflame is definitely one to add to my directory of illusion creators.  I met the lovely team behind Oriflame cosmetics at the #ldnbloggersparty blogger meet up last month and they kindly sent me this little baby to try out..

So what did I think? Bullseye or missed the target?

Well – I’m pretty impressed with this one. The Triple Core 3D lipstick is absolute genius for lazy gals like me – with one fell swoop, you can get defined, voluminous lips. 

Not ridiculous Lindsay Lohan lilos though – I’m talking natural, full definition which can easily be worn day or nightThe kind of lips that I normally would use liner and gloss and a whole loada time to achieve. 


It works on the standard theory of contouring. 

Contouring is my fave ole chestnut when it comes to makeup techniques – but for my junior illusionists out there, here’s what I mean:

A dab of light shimmery colour in the middle of the lips creates the idea of volume, plumpness and bulk.

 Darker shades around the edges and in the areas where shadows fall create depth and contrast. 

It’s the same principle as applying highlighter on the cheekbone and bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks and other such popular “sucked-in-bony-face” techniques. And you can apply this to your nose, your lips, your eyes – anywhere which is open to a bit of cosmetic deception.

The Triple Core

As you can see, the lipstick itself has three colours within in.

 The outside edge provides the base colour for the lipstick. 

The crystal shimmer layer provides the plumping illusion across the centre of the lips. 

Definitely not like any lipstick I’ve seen before.

How does it look?

As you can see – my lips are certainly fuller looking, with a shimmery ‘multidimensional’ finish.

Like i said, this is ideal for lazy gals – it definitely saves the hassle of applying lipstick, then applying highlighter to the lips. 

Any bewares?

Up close it does have a tendency to look a bit 90s (remember that dark lipliner/nude lips ‘trend’?)  but from a normal distance the effect is quite stunning. The overall impact is all a matter of blending and is up to you!

Face Value Tip: If you’re a naturalist and want a bit more subtlety, just rub your lips together a bit more or blend with a cotton bud. 

The Oriflame Triple Core 3D lipsticks come in 5 colours but I’m not sure if the website swatches are exact matches? For reference, mine’s in Berry Pink.

They retail for £10.95 online here or via an Oriflame consultant. (I’ve been reliably informed that the website will be undertaking a shmazing makeover shortly..!)

The best part for me is that its done in 5 seconds!  Brilliant – more time to continue the cosmetic deception elsewhere.  *rubs hands together*

So what do you think? Lips to rival Angelina? Was the 90’s lipliner trend a yay or a nay?

Are you a contouring master of illusion, or just a newbie? Would love to hear your favourite fake-it tips!


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10 thoughts on “Oriflame Triple Core 3D Lipstick: “If ya don’t got it.. fake it!”

  1. I love the idea of no fuss! I always trying to make sure my lipgloss only goes near the middle/central to give an illions of fuller lip, but what a hassle.Great post I have been introduced to a new brand and amazing product!I have just posted a holy grail haul, I would love for you to check it out.Hazel Xwww.whichhazel05.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Thanks Hazel! Agree that trying to contour can be a hassle when you just want to put on your lips and go haha x

  2. this 3D lipstick is really interesting! It does make your lip looks fuller indeed. First time to hear about this little thing.Letty xx

    1. So glad that you like it Letty! Def recommend to check out their other products – i've got a eyebrow kit review coming out next week too 🙂 x

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