MONEY MONDAY: Cheaper Flights For That Smug Holiday Feeling.

HAPPY MONDAY! So it’s been a glorious sunny weekend and it’s really got me in the holiday mood. So today on Face Value Beauty Blog, I’m talking about plane travel – when to get cheap tickets, where to find them and more importantly, HOW TO GET A GOOD DEAL!

The holiday is always that little bit better when you know you’ve got a deal, so here are some of my top travel tips to get that smug holiday feeling….

When to buy?

So allegedy, that sweet time to shop is Tuesday afternoon. Airlines generally release sales on Mondays, so by Tuesday most deals will be matched by competitors.

Don’t buy on the weekends! Weekends are normally the priciest time to buy – it’s the most convenient time for everyone, and a lot of the cheap seats released on the Monday will have already been snapped up during the week.

What to buy?

Tickets are normally more expensive for Friday and weekend travel – aim for mid week flights and “off peak” times. Like with trains, don’t travel during that morning and after-work period which lots of people will be using to travel for business. Everyone wants to fly on Fridays and Sundays!

Where to buy?

Can you be bothered to trawl through millions of airline websites separately? Like Cher from Clueless says “As IF!” 

Get involved with a flight search aggregator. Something like SkyScanner, TravelSuperMarket, Momondo, Kayak…. all you do is enter your dates and your destination and they scan a load of airlines for you and give you the prices. Boom.

Now comes the easy part – where would I like to go? I’m hoping to go to New York at Christmas so I can basically BE the kid from Home Alone (except not lost and with better dressed friends then that Bird Lady…hmm)

Anyone got any recommendations for things to see and do? Or places to shop and eat?

When’s your next holiday? Or did you get a fab deal on your last one?


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