I interrupt this blogging schedule with….. my life.

Sorry for the silence and absence of PINK CAPITALS in your internetz feed. It’s been a busy week and I’ve not had any time to blog – so I thought I may as well share the reasons with you!

I had a couple of blogger events, a night out with friends visiting from overseas, a trip to The Ritz and lots of training for my Three Peaks Challenge next weekend!

Clockwise from top left.

I went to the Boots Give it A Go event and it was AMAZING. I had my hair done, my nails done, my make up done – and managed to leave with a lovely selection of hair and beauty goodies, courtesy of No 7, Ojon and Smashbox to name a few! I’ll be publishing the full write up tomorrow with my showcase of my favourite items which I picked up.

The second picture shows the size of the goody bag which is handed to you when you enter – you get the empty bag and then you can run  calmly walk around the store and grab gently select products from the marked buckets and candy bowls….

The next two are me at The Ritz – Mr FV’s parents had gifted us a dinner there, and it was sooooo good. Nom x 100. I’m lucky enough to have been to lots of posh dinners lately (lots of milestone birthdays) and it’s definitely one of the best restaurant experiences I’ve ever had. And ITS THE RITZ. Really recommend it! 

I FINALLY went to see The Book of Mormon. We’ve had the tickets since March, it’s insane how long we’ve waited. I remember booking the tickets back in March and thinking… but I don’t KNOW what i’ll be doing in September. And BOOM, September’s here already – funny how quickly time flies!

The show was hilarious – I’d go see it again next week if I could! It does make fun of a lot of bad things in the world, some of which will make you go “Oh no they di’innnt”  – definitely don’t go with your parents yeah?

Next up, a night out with my old housemates – one of which who’s living in Zurich now, so it was nice to get dolled up and go out-out. Those of you who follow my Twitter and Facebook, you’ll know that going out-out is no new occurrence for me, but I rarely get the chance to do the full “getting ready” process these days and IT WAS AWESOME. We did each other’s hair, made cocktails and pretty much ticked every box in the “Girls Night Out” stereotype…

Oh yeah – I then decided to cut my own hair. Yep. It sounds horrific and although I started the cut with high hopes, this is the picture about 3 snips in I was like “WHAT AM I DOING”. 
I’m actually quite pleased with the result though – again, new blog post to come soon – “Cut your spending, cut your own hair”? Suggestions for a witty title are always welcome.

Finally – the last photo is my Monday night where me and my friends planned our routes for the Three Peaks Challenge which is NEXT WEEKEND! I can report that my OS Map reading skills are still as poor as they were when we all got lost on D of E. 

My thighs are still jelly, I have no idea how I’m going to do it but hey, people have paid their sponsorship money now so there’s no bowing out!!

If you haven’t seen it, please do take 2 minutes to read my post about Mental Health and what we’re doing to fundraise for it. Thaaaanks.

Anyway – that’s a blog post done, got the rest of my life to sort out now! Best weekend wishes to you all.

Have you done any of these, or been up to anything fun this week? 


Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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