Halloween Inspiration: Flirty to Frightening, it’s up to you!

The big day is coming up – and in case you’re still looking for inspiration – here’s a quick how-to of my Halloween looks from the past few years. 

Ranging from flirty to frightening, salvaged or shopped for – there’s something for everyone. Enjoy!

Halloween and the single girl 

“Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

Yes Caddy, you speak the insane truth, underwear as outerwear is a trend that crops up unjudged every Halloween. And it’s very easy to put together!

Buy a pair of ears from eBay or a fancy dress shop, cut the collar off an old white shirt and dare to bare! 

The ole boob tube and short shorts combination is apparently ‘the conservative choice’ these days. Check your local dance shops for satin leotards or opt for the cheaper alternative of a black swimsuit over shiny tights. 

My personal fave is to head to Primark and invest in one of their full-body spanx – which is effectively an extended support tube attached to shorts. Only 8quid and holds you in/stops you from breathing all night. Super

Scary Mary

The year after, I was no longer a flirty fresher and opted more for a traditional approach to Halloween. Enter Scary Small Girl.

This red dress is genuinely my favourite dress which I used to wear when I was about 10. The fact I could still fit into it both pleases and disgusts me. But hey, it fits the bill and I didn’t have to splash out on a new outfit. Score.

In terms of makeup – white out your face and also your lips. Not too much though – you should aim for a ghoulish tinge of white-grey rather than a full-on ghostly white.

Next, outline your eyes in the deepest, darkest, smudgiest kohl. Dot on some pretend eyelashes on your lower lids with liquid eyeliner and put on false lashes if you want to go doll-like.

Finally, draw on some angry brows with a heavy, dark eyebrow pencil. Plait up your hair and add a bow for killer-kiddie charm!

Malice In Wonderland.

Take it to another level and add a wig for the ultimate transformation on Fright Night. 

Here’s me the other year, hanging around Brick Lane as a scary Alice in Wonderland. 

Similar makeup to Scary Small Girl, but buy some special fx paste and you can create realistic looking scars and cuts.

It’s surprisingly easy – its a bit like when PVA glue dries and you peel it!

Corn on the cob optional…..

And finally – this years look…

I decided to dial it down this year because now I am an elegant, young, sophisticated woman……. right?

Moving on – this years design is inspired by this gorgeous metal mask I saw in Topshop. I initially thought about sticking some lace around my face but I thought I’d go one further and actually draw it myself.

And I ended up with this! My take on a floral/lace mask, drawn straight onto the face with liquid eyeliner.

When I do it for reals on Thursday, I’m going to white-out the eye area a bit more for better contrast. It’s also going to be teamed with dark berry lips and eyes, and maybe a pair of false lashes? And a simple black dress for a minimalistic, yet high impact Halloween look.

So if you don’t have cash for costume, you can still make something of it!! This look was mainly achieved with an eyeliner – a little bit of black goes a long way on Halloween….


What will you be doing on the 31st October? Are you dressing up? 

What do you think of my Halloween looks?


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4 thoughts on “Halloween Inspiration: Flirty to Frightening, it’s up to you!

  1. This Halloween I will be becoming a broken doll cancan dancer! I'm lucky that after years of dancing in shows I have a few different costumes knocking around so the cancan costume is coming out this year. It's also getting two outings, the fancy dress pub quiz on Halloween and then my borther-in-laws joint Halloween/birthday party at the weekend 🙂 xx

    1. Oooh, i've always wanted to dress up as a can can dancer! How cool! x ps Fancy dress pub quiz is a TOP IDEA x

  2. Looks great! I'm being kind of unoriginal, going as Black Swan. But I saw the eye makeup and really wanted to try it out, so there you go!

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