Christmas is Coming: Lush Christmas 2013

Ergh, can you believe it? It’s October already and I’ve barely made a dent on any of my new years resolutions. One of which is to get rid of all the junk I collected from last Christmas. You know – gifts for others you forgot to give, presents you didn’t really like and sale items that seemed like a good idea at the time…

Bizarrely, I seem to have amassed 4 uneaten christmas puds from last year. Mainly because I hate Christmas pudding and people like to give them to me as Xmas gifts. Why is this?? Is it because everyone secretly hates Christmas puds and we’re all just recycling them as gifts to get them away from us? TOP FACT: Christmas Puddings are RUBBISH gifts.

What makes a great gift? Err – prime example – the Lush Christmas 2013 holiday range. Today’s blog post provides some fab examples of what would make great gifts for me! 

I attended the Lush Christmas preview this week which showcased all the products released for the holiday season. Contenders ready? 3-2-1 start your lusting NOW.

Inspired by British icons like David Bowie and William Morris, the Lush Xmas drop has a great range of adorable themed goodies and pre-boxed gifts. 

The good news is, they’re all available in store NOW and if you shop online, they ship worldwide. Let’s take a look….

It’s beginning to look a lot like Lushmas.

Here’s something I wrapped earlier..

The pre-boxed gifts this year again cover a number of budgets and beauty concerns. 

Ideal for those who don’t know what they’re dealing with here – e.g Mr Face Value who’s like – what’s a bath bomb..?

Plus they look FAB so they’re even better for anyone who’s rubbish at wrapping gifts!

I’m hankering for the WOW box which has EVERY SINGLE Lush Christmas item in there except for the fresh ones. W-O-W. 

This is the Lush Angels Delight soap which is gorgeously fruity and looks BEAUTIFUL.

I wish I could just have an acrylic chunk of this to have as a table decoration….

There’s also a soap called Mr Punch and it has GIN in it! Amazing.

And onto the collection of Christmas bath bombs, bubbles bars and bath melts. 

Aren’t they pretty?!

A great mix of scents from fruity or spicy with a range of creamy, moisturising or fizzy textures. 

One bath bomb has popping candy in it!

My fave of the bunch? It’s gotta be this Star Light Star Bright bath melt. 

It’s got ginger and lime in it, it smells HUH-MAZING and also leaves a sparkling shimmer on the skin – perfect for the pre-party pamper..

Have you been down to Lush to see the new range yet? Have any of these caught your eye?

Do you prefer fruity and sweet, or spicy and zesty? I’m a fan of classic “christmas” scents like clove and ginger, but normally, i’m all about the citrus!

 When is it acceptable to start making mulled wine? Is October too early?!


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12 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming: Lush Christmas 2013

  1. I feel like October may be too early for this! But I adore lush, especially in the winter time!alicekatex ♥

    1. Haha, I know right?! It was like 20 degrees today, its not Christmas yet….. but still, could definitely shop right now.. lol x

  2. This line looks amazing! Can't wait to start our holiday shopping!!! We just found your blog and followed on bloglovin! It's great by the way! :)))Julie And

  3. I totally agree about Christmas puddings being rubbish gifts, I think no-one actually likes them and the whole thing is just a big conspiracy haha. And I disagree with the above commenter, it's never too early to get prepared for Christmas this post has got me really excited! The Star Light Star Bright bath melt sounds gorgeous xMac Lipstick Giveaway

    1. Yes- one big conspiracy! Need to get rid of these now… just need to find someone who actually likes puds…. anyone? No one? Yeah, thought so. x

  4. Great post, Thanks for sharing!:)Beautiful blog!<3 I'm a new follower!:)Hugs, Brittany, xx

  5. I don't know anyone that likes Christmas pudding except my mum, and she still has last year's in the cupboard because she couldn't eat a whole one to herself!! They are truly rubbish gifts haha. The Lush Christmas range looks amazing, especially the star one! xx

  6. Haha.. first of all, amazing fact about Christmas puddings! Lush is a much better choice when it comes to gifts. I want one of those nicely packed pressies right now! :pBeauty from the Fjord xxx

  7. I'm sorry it might seem uncharitable, but I agree with you – Christmas puddings really ARE rubbish presents – what's that all about. The Lush products are all so cute and they smell amazing. I got my package yesterday and the kitchen still smells fantastic :o). Xx

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