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So previously I’ve talked about cashback, credit card rewards and various other ways to collect rewards for your normal spending. 

I’m a firm fan of getting something back for your spending whether it be through Boots Advantage Card points, 2% cashback from TopCashback or even Airmiles from my monthly spending and today’s look at is no different.

What are ePoints? is basically like an online loyalty scheme where you collect points on purchases you make across the internet. Similar to my Cashback series  “Get Paid To Shop Online”, you create an account and access the seller via the ePoints homepage. This then records that you’ve made a purchase and you get awarded points depending on how much you spend.

How many ePoints could I get?

I had a browse on and here are a couple of examples of online retailers which I would use:

  • Benefit = 6ePoints (ep) for each £1 spent
  • John Lewis = 3ep for each £1 spent
  • Miss Selfridge= 3ep for every £1 spent
  • Reiss = 6ep for each £1 spent

And sometimes they do bonus EP’s so you can get more points for your purchases.

And it’s not just purchasing eitherYou can get points for liking things on Facebook, commenting on things and even 50 points when registering. For a big facebook fan like me – that’s great.

How much is each ePoint worth

What I like is that are very clear that 1 point is worth 0.5p. 

What can I spend my ePoints on?

There’s a huge range of gifts to spend your ePs on such as Books, DVDs, Makeup Items, Jewellery -even an iPad Mini! 

Things are very close to what they would be in actual price and sometimes cheaper!  A Maxfactor Lipgloss is 400 points  – about £2 worth of points.

Overall Thoughts?

Like I said in my Cashback post – in my opinion, loyalty schemes like these aren’t about spending to buy things – they’re about being rewarded for the things you would normally do anyway.

I did get a couple of readers who were confused as how to use cashback sites, and ePoints is a much simpler way to collect and spend rewards. The only difference is that you pick items, as opposed to getting money back. 

Personally, I prefer the feel of cold, hard, cashhhh over items but each to their own! Whilst items instead of cash does have limitations, it’s often the case that you can get rewarded quicker as most cashback sites require a minimum balance to be collected before they can pay you the cash.

You don’t lose anything by registering, and you could get something out of the online spending you make. You just need to remember to access the online sites from the ePoints website. That’s the hardest part for me!

Does anyone have any ways to remind yourself? I find that putting TopCashBack and ePoints homepages in my favourites bar helps a bit – but I only really remember when I’m making big purchases.

What’s your favourite way of being rewarded? Cashback? Loyalty Schemes? Points collecting?

For me – the best in show is still the Boots Advantage Card!


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**Thank you to ePoints for offering me an extra 1,000 points for my ePoints account!

Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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      November 6, 2013 / 12:22 pm

      Hiyaaa – me neither – its definitely a good alternative out there for people who like to collect points on their shopping!