Be A Natural Beauty with L’Oreal Eau De Teint Foundation

Zoe’s bought a new foundation to add to her collection? Errr standard!

I saw the advert for this L’Oreal Eau De Teint foundation in a magazine and I was instantly intrigued. “Perfectly invisible, lighter than water, zero make-up feel” + I haven’t tried it yet =  SOLD.

Although I absolutely adore my current foundation fave – the Bareminerals Ready Foundation – I’m actually going through a really good skin phase at the moment (touch wood) so I was in the market for a lighter coverage foundation.

Doesn’t it look beautiful? A frosted glass bottle with purple foil accents – quite expensive looking for a high street brand. And it’s not just a pretty bottle, I was actually really impressed with this foundation!

Texture wise – it’s awesome. Nothing like anything I’ve ever tried before. Out of the bottle, it’s quite runny and when you first apply it, it actually seems oddly oily. DO NOT FEAR. Trust me, the oils evaporate and it dries with this great matte finish which is like an invisible barrier on your skin. It’s almost like it bonds to your skin.

Coverage wise – it’s enough to enhance your skin but it’s not going to mask any big boo-boos. It’s on par with a BB cream coverage-wise but with a different texture – much, much lighter and matte. I love using this foundation now, but after I’ve indulged in Christmas and my skin decides to erupt in protest, this probably won’t be heavy duty enough.

The colour of this Eau De Teint is 150 Nude Beige. You can see the difference between the left and right side right? The right side which has the Eau De Teint foundation on it is much smoother and even, almost airbrushed?

The recommended application method from L’Oreal is a bit odd – you’re meant to dab it onto your finger and then apply to the face. Personally, I dab the Eau De Teint onto different parts of my face, then buff into my skin with a RealTechniques Expert Face Brush.

The final finish is really natural and almost invisible – literally like a second skin. Once it’s dried, it doesn’t crease, it doesn’t collect in patches around your face and it doesn’t transfer on white collars or anything like that. I’ve got oily-combination skin and the matte finish lasts throughout the day. Nice one L’Oreal, you’ve got a good egg here.

Overall – I really recommend this foundation, especially for fans of the ‘no makeup’ look. It’s perfect for just enhancing your actual skin tone, and the finish is really natural.

I bought it at an introductory price of 6.99, but normally it retails at 9.99. I would definitely buy this again – I’ve been really pleased with it.

What do you look for in a foundation? Texture, moisture or coverage?

Have you or will you try this? 


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Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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