There’s A Party On My Nails! Primark Caviar Manicure Kit

2013 was definitely the year of the decorated nail. The basic shatter coat has evolved over the last few years, we’ve had the foil coat, the matte finish, 3D glitter and this year – the feather manicure, the leather-look polish, concrete effect, furry velvet, chalkboard nails and oh yeah- the caviar nail.

Now, the kit that normally comes to mind is the Ciate Caviar Manicure kit which has a base colour and a bottle of coloured pearls – a bit like the ones you use to decorate cupcakes except, well.. totally unedible.

Not having tried the caviar manicure before, I didn’t want to splash £18 on the Ciate Caviar kit. But when I was in Primark the other day, I came across a replica kit for £2.50.

Obviously I snapped it up there and then (along with 20 million other things in Primark!)

How do I handle these balls?! Alright. I promise to restrain myself from all available puns going forward – do, carry on reading. I shall remain tasteful.

How to apply?

It’s so easy – just brush on the base colour and apply the pearls while the polish is still wet. Just do it over a piece of paper so you can funnel the spare balls back into the bottle!

FaceValueTip: Apply a thick clear top coat afterwards and while this does take FOREVER to dry – once it is dry, it’s a HUGE help in making sure that the balls stay on your fingers and not in your food, your face cream – or, unpleasantly enough, in your mouth. (no jokes please, we’re staying tasteful remember?)

And here’s the final result. Ta-daaaa.

I’m not really sure how I feel about them. They feel funny and look a bit OTT. I’m always accidentally trying to pick them off! Honestly though – they have definitely grown on me since I first applied them. (And they’ve lasted a few days like this too!)

I think next time, I’ll only apply the balls on an accent nail – or in a stripe or some poor attempt at nail art. Solid caviar nails, whilst luxurious, are just a bit too much for my daily life (I lead a very normal boring life, despite my excessive drinking and ability to humiliate myself on regular occasion)

Oh, and thanks to Primarni of course – definitely recommend this from Primark – it’s called Embellish 3D Manicure and it’s £2.50! You could get all the colours for that price! And maybe I will… anything for another excuse to return to Primark..

What do you think? Have you tried caviar nails?

 What was your favourite nail effect of the year?

*insert balls gag here* (no wonder Google Adsense think I have adult content on my blog..)


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5 thoughts on “There’s A Party On My Nails! Primark Caviar Manicure Kit

  1. Ooh that's a great price and a super pretty effect, although I agree it must be inconvenient for everyday life..Jess xo

  2. I haven't tried caviar nails, but I know I'd pick them off– I pick regular nail polish off, so they'd never last!

  3. I know I wouldn't try caviar nails because they seem so uncomfortable to everyday activities, but they do look nice to use them as an accent nail…that's my point of view

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