Snow, Shopping & Maybe She’s Maybelline – Xmas in New York!

Honey, I’M HOME! 

I’m fresh back from New York and ‘so totes’ in the mood for Christmas. A bit of snow and I’m suddenly all festive!! Yes, it snowed in the Big Apple and yes, I did everything on my cliched list of “things to do in New York” – You can tell by my increased use of exclamation marks (as if I could use any more) that I’m having an awesome holiday season so far and I HOPE YOU ARE TOO!

But before I get too excited and start shouting about Christmas, back to the topic at hand. Definitely a jam-packed but wonderful first-time-in-New-York – here’s a little snapshot of what I got up to…

What on earth am I doing? Read on, dear reader, read on!

Clockwise from top left:

  • Standard New York Skyline, the Empire State Building at night.
  • Being all ‘Home Alone’ at The Plaza
  • Twirling around in Central Park on a snowy day
  • Going to see The Knicks at Madison Square Garden (I bought a giant foam finger and a Knicks cap too!)
  • Making new pals in the snow..
  • The legendary Xmas tree at The Rockefeller Centre.

And, as is custom with all my holiday posts, of course I’m going to tell you about the beauty buys I found!

Much to the pain of Mr FV, I spent a good hour running around the beauty aisles in Duane Reade – a popular New York drugstore chain and I came across some stuff which wasn’t available in the UK. That’s right people – we’re looking at an exclusive here!!

Voila! To add to my Maybelline Babylips collection, I picked up this Dr Rescue version which is medicated with Menthol to sooth sore lips. (Perfect for my wind-chapped lips, New York was friggin cold!)

The Dr Rescue Range is an extended range from the popular original Baby Lips collection and also comes in various colours – mine is Peach Kiss which is a light beige shade on my lips. Mwah, take that winter lips! 

I also got two Maybelline Dream Bouncy blushers – mainly because they sounded FUN! Also – when you touch them, you find out they ARE fun. They’re squidgy, like memory foam – it’s such a shame that the Dream Bouncy Blush is better applied with a brush rather than your fingers, I couldn’t resist poking it.

They apply like a powder, but have the gleam and glow of a cream blush. Great for anyone who isn’t very good at applying liquid or thick cream blushers! 

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Oh – and this Jordana Color Tint Blush stick – only 2 dollars!!

Its a blendable cream stick which is easily striped onto cheeks for a healthy looking “just went for a jog in Central Park” flush.

I’m really liking cream blush at the moment, I find it just looks a bit perkier and bit more glowy? (though for more thoughts on Glow, see here)

I’ll be doing a review on these soon, so you can see how they look on the face!

Oh – and one more Maybelline special (hey, you just have to stock up on Maybelline when you’re in New York!) – I found this lovely Maybelline Color Whisper lipstick. It’s light and sheer, like a lip balm but with better packaging– I just wish I’d bought more colours!

And if you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see that I also bought a load of clothes, a necklace and a new handbag – but this has been a long enough post! I’ll spare your eyes and save that for a fashion post after Xmas. (assuming I still fit into them all!)

And there’s the New York adventure round-up done! Complete. Finito. 

Back to normal posting but stay tuned -as I approach my one-year blog anniversary, I’ll be planning some sort of reader giveaway! Can I get an oh yeahhhhhh?

I’m so ridiculously excited and happy that it’s Christmas but most of all – I hope you are too!  Christmas is the one time of the year where JOY should rule supreme (along with merriness and a lotta mulled wine.) Oh and presents 😉

Happy holidays to you all.


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  1. Loved this post, it took me right back to when I went!! I went in January, just after Christmas and I still felt Christmas-y when it snowed and was all pretty. Someone even got proposed to at night, on the top of the Empire State building, in the snow – ahhhh!! Your beauty buys are fab, I was in heaven in Sephora with the discounted prices of Clinique (maybe it's changed now, this was a fair few years ago!). I love that you went to a Knicks game and bought a foam finger and wore a cap 🙂 xxx

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