NYE Party Makeup – Shimmery Kajal Eyes & Palladium Shine Lips

It’s the New Year Party and what did I wear on my face? (Other than a big boozy smile of course..)

Obviously there was a whoooole load of slap on there, but today I’m going to talk about the look I created using a couple of Oriflame products which were sent my way. 

Being a beauty blogger, there’s always a bit of a focus on how you wear your makeup. People aren’t going to read my beauty blog unless I prove my salt, so let’s take a closer look!


Oriflame Makeup Beauty Blog NYE Tips

Da- dahh! The party face! I’ve been doing a lot of travelling around over the holidays so it’s vital that a full-on face like this can be done with as few products as possible. 

I’ve used about 5 products on this face, namely an eyebrow kit, an eyeliner, a lipstick and some shimmer…. 

And it’s easy peasy to do! Wanna know how? Read on..

Oriflame Makeup Eyeliner Eyeshadow Lipstick Beauty Blog

The key to this look is in the above products. A beautiful lipstick, a kohl stick and a pot of shimmering pearls, all by Oriflame. I also used the Oriflame Eyebrow Kit which I reviewed previously

The multi-tasking star of the show is definitely this Oriflame Kajal Eyeliner. Like I’ve said before, I lovesss the Kohl. You can use it to add intense sootiness when lining eyes, or you can blend, blend, blend it and it has an eyeshadow effect.

Oriflame Beauty Kajal Eyeliner Blog Makeup

Step 1

I lined the eyes with the Beauty Kajal Eyeliner and blended upward and outward with a fluffy headed make up brush. It’s got Coconut oil in it, so it’s creamy and easy to blend.

Step 2

To add a bit of 3-Dimensional shine, I then swirled a brush across these Giordani Gold Eye Pearls and dusted it over the Kohl to make it look a bit less severe, and a bit more party-partay! I was a bit over-zealous with my swirling, I managed to swirl half of them out of the pot! Keep calm and swirl slowly.

Face Value Tip: Dab the shimmer into inner corners of eyes and the lower lash line to make eyes look wider and more awake! (Look again at the first picture, you’ll notice that I’ve done it there.)

How To Get Bigger Eyes Makeup Tips
The Big Illusion

Going back to the original picture, take a look at the corners of my eyes– I’ve gone for a serious flick there at the outer corners.

It’s a good 5mm away from the eye, which makes my eye look a hell of a lot bigger than it actually is. Trade secret to bigger eyes!

See the diagram on the right- I’ve outlined where my normal eye ends.

Oriflame Power Shine Palladium lipstick review
Getting Lippy

This was the first time I’ve used the Power Shine Palladium lipstick and it is laaahvely.

Smooth and light on the lips and smelling of watermelon, it leaves lips looking luscious and absolutely blinging!!

(And it has extract of Palladium in it for that extra metallic shine.)

Oriflame Power Shine Palladium lipstick review

A glossy, sparkly lip livens up any look and the glitter is perfect for a party! The best thing is, it doesn’t actually look very glittery when it’s on so it’s not OTT.

It comes in the shades on the right, but this one is Fuschia Palladium..

And there we go – my party face, in less than 5 products! I don’t normally do lips AND eyes, but hey, it’s New Year’s Eve!

What do you like to wear when going out? Is it a special lipstick, or are you a smokey eye fan? 


Many thanks to Oriflame for sending me the products to create a look with – you can find more great products online at https://gb.oriflame.com

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  1. Ohh that lipstick is a beautiful shade! I really like the look of the eye pearls too, so pretty and shimmery :)Hope you had a great New Year's!Jess xo

  2. I also loved that lipstick! The colour is perfect for any party 🙂 I usually wear smokey eyes but lighter 🙂

  3. we have oriflame cosmetics in my country,i love the lipstick and the smoky eyes you had!!i've never tried the eye pearls!!!i think i sould,i like your presentation!

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