What I Wore To Work: Clique & Katie Eary Leopard Print

For a corporate office, a lot of people steer away from print. Print is for arty creatives, and we’re just accountants so really our colour scheme should be black, white and grey right? Right?

WRONG. Our colour scheme is actually black, white, grey AND navy. Lolz, I’m just chatting rubbish of course but there IS a distinct lack of print in the office. You might get an occasional print dress in the summer, a decent print tie or a jazzy silk scarf but bright print is pretty much non-existent at the office.

Why is that? Well, for most of my friends, prints come across too casual and too loud. I’m inclined to agree – but with the right clothes and the right stylin’, even a cool Katie Eary print can look right at home in an accountancy firm.

For reals? For reals. Let’s check out today’s outfit.

Taken from my Instagram feed and LIKED by Katie Eary herself! You can follow me here

Today I’m wearing a Katie Eary print t-shirt which was released in conjunction with the new Clique magazine. (If you haven’t already signed up to the free, shoppable Clique magazine, GET ON IT, it’s fab. You can buy everything you see just by scanning it with your phone!)

Cropped Jacket: H&M   T-Shirt: Clique & Eary Leopard T
 Pencil Skirt: Forever 21   Heels: TK Maxx

Non-fashion fiends, here’s the education Katie Eary is a London based designer who is famous for her street-couture, glam street style. Her collections have a lot of colour, a lot of print – shiz loads of leopard print in particular. 

I first saw her designs on Rihanna at Radio 1’s Big Weekend in Hackney and her clothes have been worn by Kanye and Rita Ora – not bad eh?


Today I’m rocking a t-shirt not dissimilar to the menswear version over here.
I love a girl-in-menswear look (as you may have noticed from that time I wore a tux..)

To tone it down for the office, I’ve paired it with a simple black jersey pencil skirt and a cropped suit jacket.

A cropped jacket is perfect for smart dresses or high-waisted skirts – this one is from H&M.

A pair of nude heels too – you don’t want to detract from the print do you? 

Face Value Tip: Keep it minimal but effective and your work outfit will  look smart and professional

Finally, a slick of bright and neat-looking polish gives a expensive edge. 

This is Barry M Nail Paint in NP301. Two coats and a topcoat for super-glossy perfection!

So what do you think? 

Do prints have their place in the office? Or should us accountants stick to our black, grey, white AND navy?

How amazing is this t-shirt??!


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6 thoughts on “What I Wore To Work: Clique & Katie Eary Leopard Print

  1. I always find it hard to style leopard print. Thanks for the tip you you give, the top really stands out in an all black outfit.

  2. Such a great pop of color, when you are wearing all black otherwise. I like this outfit 🙂 Has somewhat of a spring mood already. :)xoLuchessa.org

    1. Thanks Ellie – I enjoy doing them but need to work out how to properly take photos of myself haha x

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