Burt’s Bees Natural Lip Colour Launch

Have you heard that age-old fact that a woman swallows 6lbs
of lipstick in her lifetime? 6lbs?! How much is that in grams …. *Googles it* … 2700grams?! OVER
2.5 kilos??? Is that actually for reals?!

 The more I think about what
I’m putting on my lips or onto my skin, the more I start thinking I should go
organic. Y’know, go back down the natural path? Avoid horrible parabens and
petrochemicals – stick to the good stuff.

I touched on this a bit when I reviewed the lovely Korres WhiteTea Facial Gel Cleanser and I realised that the no-nasties approach should definitely be applied for my lip products. If you’re gonna swallow over 2 kilos
of this stuff, you’d rather it be a natural product right?!

Jokes aside on natural things you can swallow, in my opinion, the Burt’s Bees original beeswax lip balm is one of the most
natural lip balms you can find at your local beauty dealer. Me and my friends have been a fan
of that little yellow tube for quite some time now. 

Here’s the even better news….. Burt’s
Bees have now launched a gorgeous new natural lip colour collection – all natural and free
of artificial elements!

The new kids on the block are these stunning Burt’s Bees Lip Glosses.
100% natural and packed full of Mother Nature’s moisture-makers – Jojoba,
Sunflower and Botanical Oils – these lip glosses are priced at £8.99 and will
be launching very soon!!

There’s sooooo many colours in the Lip Gloss range, and I have to say – I’m
really impressed with the variety of colours

To the untrained eye, some of the
shades may look pretty similar  (a la Mr FV “these lipglosses all look the same to me”) but actually, there are some really
subtle nuances in the colour formulations which make them either cool or warm toned and ultimately, more flattering
for your face
! I can’t waaaait to swatch these and show you what I mean.

Next up – and not to be biased, but these are my personal favourite (and therefore THE BEST) – the Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers. 

I’ve actually never used
these before but boy, I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT. Feels like a balm, but with the
colour payoff of a lipstick
, these Burt’s Bees Lip Shimmers are intense yet
ultra-moisturing and incredibly easy to wear

Absolutely perfect for lipstick
newbies, or those who “don’t normally do lips” – these Lip Shimmer are a great
way to get easy and quick colour into your lip life whilst keeping them
moisturised and feeling smooooooth.

Step down the intensity from these Lip Shimmers and here come the classic Burt’s
Bees Tinted Lip Balms. 

Again – really good for those who don’t want to wear a
full-on lip colour, these Tinted Lip Balms can be layered up to create stronger
colour depending on your desire
! Burt’s Bees have introduced a couple of new
colours I think – I definitely haven’t seen all these colours before!!

Finally – I also picked up some Burt’s Bees Lip Shines sheer, sweet and
in a tube
, these Lip Shines have a glassier finish than the Lip Glosses
which are more pearlescent. They remind me of a Juicy Tube, but are 100%

I got a chance to meet celebrity makeup-artist Katey Denno
who is super-friendly and just an all-round GLOWING individual. Although Katey
has been in the industry for years now, I love the fact that she actually used
to be a social worker. Goes to show that you can follow your passions and start
a beauty career at any point in your life! Isn’t she gorgeous!? Find Katey on Twitter @KateyDenno

I even got the chance to get illustrated by the very
talented Sally Faye Cotterill
who creates the most gorgeous images – these were done with an iPad! 

Check out her Instagram  and get following – seriously amazing! I wish I could draw, let alone create beautiful images like these!

Here’s the illustrated version of Zoe Dubs – what do
you think?!

And, just because they were too lovely not to share, here are some other images taken from the event

What I love about Burt’s Bees is that they don’t have any artificial flavours either – think about what you put on your lips – the number of times I’ve put on a lipstick which tastes a bit “plasticky”. Dread to think what it’s made of..  

The Burt’s Bees range has me lacing my lips with colour, smug and safe in the fact that Mother Nature has produced all the ingredients! Oh yeah, and they don’t test on animals either – nice one Burt’s Bees – you are seriously onto a winner here!

Detailed post with Burt’s Bees swatches and makeup looks using the new Lip Colour range – coming soon!

What do you think of natural cosmetics? Do you care about what’s in the ingredients or is it just down to colour or price?

And what do you think of Sally’s illustration!? I’m SO chuffed. I’ve never been drawn before and I love it  i.e. feel free to have a go and draw me yeah?



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** Huge thanks to Burt’s Bees for letting me come to your fabulous event!

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  1. I'm all about natural ingredients, so these will be right up my street! That's not to say that everything I use is organic, but I do try to where possible, particularly with skincare – it can be more difficult with makeup though!Can't wait to give these a go.Mel xxmelswallofmirrors.blogspot.co.uk

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