From Straight Hair to Surf Hair! Joico Structure Beach Texture Spray

My hair is a bit of a wet rag. It’s naturally very boring and straight and I don’t do anything to it, it just sits there quietly, a bit like a small, old, dog which is too tired to run around. And no one wants their hair to be described like that do they? We all want finely coiffed poodles, voluptously shaggy Lassie dogs or colourful, silky golden retrievers!

 That’s why I love a good transformational product. Anyone can transform their hair with a hot styler, but to be able to spray-and-go is another level of awesomeness, particularly in the Zoe Dubs world of “I’m running late” and “I can’t be bothered”

Today’s product fits very snugly into this category of “Good Transformational Product” – it’s the Structure Beach Texture Spray by Joico. OOOooOOh.

What is this?!

Structure is the range of styling products by Joico. I’ve heard of Joico in Hong Kong – it’s what I use every time I stay with my family there, but I didn’t know about this styling range!

To be fair, I get excited about anything I’ve seen in Hong Kong – Asia is always at the forefront of beauty product development, they had BB creams years before us!


The Structure Beach spray is basically a decent salt spray – there’s immediate movement and texture added to my hair. The hold is stronger than a lot of salt sprays I’ve used but it still isn’t strong enough to keep the curve in my stubbornly straight hair!!

How to use?

Most of the time, I scrunch a texture spray like this into my hair, but I’m having great results prepping my hair with this Beach Texture Spray before rolling the ends up into a bun (or into a plait). 

Give it a minute or two to dry and then, when I unravel the bun, it’s wavy and tousled like I just stepped off the beach (or out of a very good hairdressers!!)

This Beach Texture Spray definitely makes a difference though – check out my before and after photos.



So what do you think? Good transformational product?

This is normally £12.95 but I’ve seen it for £7.99 at Fragrance Direct and £8.95 at Beautybay. £12.95 seems a touch steep but I’d probably pay up to £9.99 for it as you can see it definitely does make a difference unlike some other salt sprays i’ve tried (cough VO5!)

For me, the Beach Texture Spray needs a bit more hold as this style doesn’t last longer than an hour without hairspray.  This won’t be a problem for my fine-haired friends but fuller-haired Face Value fans should find a good hairspray and this solves the problem.

All in all, I think the photos speak for themselves. See ya later boring straight hair – hello vivacious, textured tresses! (if only I could think of a dog breed which represents this, then my insane dog hair metaphor would be complete…)


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  1. Wow love the finished results your hair looks incredible I will have to look for this or something similar x

  2. Love that "went to the beach" look. Messy but not that messy :).The spray is quite inexpensive. Btw you look amazing!Kate

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