BOOK LAUNCH: Danger! Cosmetics To Go at Lush Cosmetics

Where: Lush Cosmetics – Regent Street Store

Why?: The London launch of the Danger! Cosmetics To Go book – the story of the company which came before Lush – written by Mira Manga.

What: New friends, nibbles, naughty stories and LOTS OF BATH BOMBS.

Last week, I attended my first book launch. Check me out, FVBB, going up in the world!!

It was the launch of Lush Cosmetics To Go book which is about the rise (and fall) of the predecessor to the bath-bombing, super-soaping company that we know and love today.

I don’t want to give away too much but the book is full of interesting stories about the people behind Lush and how some of the infamous Lush products were developed.

It’s beautifully put together – each page is lovingly designed with perfect illustrations and pictures to accompany the easily-relatable tone of Mira Manga, the book’s author.

And it genuinely is fun to read! I couldn’t wait to get home and read it in my pyjamas (burning a Yankee Candle too, obvs – I’m obssessed with these candles now)

Read on for more Lush-ness and more bath-bombs..

I got the chance
to meet Mira Manga and she’s awesome!
How amazing are her heels by the way?! We bonded over a mutual
appreciation of Ru-Paul (who tweeted THE best quote the other day about how we’re
born naked with the rest being contouring and shading – lolz)

Mira has been a
diehard Lush fan
for years – she continued her a job as a Saturday girl, despite
having a day job! 

The story of how she came to write this Cosmetics To Go book
is actually hilarious – the co-founder of Lush was passed some of Mira’s
illicit dating ramblings from some of her previous work  (I won’t go into descriptive detail, but it
involved a bouncy castle and second base)
He loved her style of writing and.. well the rest is history.

I’m going to give you a lowdown on my highlights of the Lush Valentines range later on in the week – so for now, here’s some photos of the Cosmetics To Go book launch.

A giant cheesewheel of the famous soaps!

I love Lush soaps – they look good enough to eat! *probs not advisable.

An adorable way to wrap a bath bomb – this fox scarf is cleverly designed so that the ties look like ears.

Only £2.95 and it’s made from recycled plastic bottles too!

What’s ‘knot’ to love? WHeey.

More cute bath bombs – I want them all! 

Who designs these?! They’re all so different! (yet MR FV thinks they all look the same – doofus)

This Think Pink is decidedly my favourite of the Lush bath bombs – it’s getting me in the mood for Valentines

Isn’t it perdy!?

And a matching gift set  – start your HINTING for Valentines now girlfriends!

The Lush Emotional Brilliance makeup range.

SOO much to choose from!

These babies are vegan and cruelty-free. 

Choose from liquid lipsticks, cream eyeliners – there’s a colour to suit every emotion!

MORE Bath-bombs. I haven’t tried them all yet- the beauty is, Lush keep bringing out new ones!

My bath loves it, my bank balance doesn’t…

I love the black packaging. 

Distinctive and recognisable in all beauty shelves now!

Not only does it look chic, it’s recyclable too. If you collect 5 and bring them back, Lush will give you a free face mask! Nice one.

So there you go – my night in a nutshell. Don’t forget to check out the Danger! Cosmetics To Go book the next time you’re in Lush. Alternatively, you can BUY IT HERE

It’s definitely the coolest looking book I own at the moment! (doesn’t say much for someone reading Game of Thrones I know, but trust me – it’s a beaut)

Big thanks to the team at Lush for a great night – and a shout-out to Mira Manga who is quite possibly the nicest, drag-queen loving author I’ve ever met.


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  1. Alice Beerland
    February 4, 2014 / 12:10 pm

    Those bath bombs, how cute!

    • Zoe Dubs
      February 7, 2014 / 8:44 pm

      They're amazing aren't they!! x