My 50% Off Models Own Nail Polish Haul!

I love a bargain. I love a discount. So naturally I LOVED the Models Own 50% off discount which was on the other week.

I’ve been a fan of Models Own nail polishes for a while – you can see my review of Hedonist nail polish and Disco Mix here. The consistencies are just right and the colours are brilliant. Great shades for every occasion and great value at £5 a bottle.

At 50% off, I couldn’t help myself. I bought 8 items and for about £20! Bargain bargain bargaiiiiin! (The only downside was that it took about 2 weeks to arrive but I think you might agree….they were totally worth the wait.)

From left to right: Indian Ocean, Tangerine Queen, Coral Glaze Hyper Gel, Lilac Sheen Hyper Gel, Pink Power Lip Stix, Pink Veneer Hyper Gel, Apple Pie Fruit Pastel, Express Dry

What have we got here then?

First of all, the massively hyped, Hyper Gels! The Hyper Gels are meant to make your nails look like UV Gel/Shellac nails and I got three!!!! Coral Glaze, a gorgeous tropical pink-orange, Pink Veneer – a natural looking baby pink and my favourite – Lilac Sheen, a lovely pastel purple.

Pastels are perfect for Spring, so I also bought the Apple Pie Fruit Pastel Polish – a SCENTED nail polish which is a beautiful mint green. Scented nails – what a great idea! Especially for those who hate the smell of nail polish, though some people love it, like petrol.. (you weirdos haha!)

For something different I also picked up Tangerine Queen, a bright and edgy orange-yellow which I’m gonna wear when night-trawling the streets of Shoreditch and Indian Ocean which is a two-toned glittery turquoise – a real mermaid colour!

Finally – Models Own Express Dry – you apply a drop to nails and it surface-dries the polish. I’m absolutely rubbish at being patient – I can’t even sit still for 2 minutes without trying to pick up something or eat something. Really looking forward to seeing how this works!!

So which is your favourite then? Have you tried the Models Own Hyper Gels yet?


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Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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  1. Betty Lz
    February 23, 2014 / 10:59 pm

    Indian ocean looks incredible and I cannot wait to see swatches.