#BLFW Bloggers Love Fashion Week: Wednesday

As an all-things-makeup obsessed beauty blogger, theres nothing more fun than meeting up with a group of like minded and equally obsessed bloggers. That, AND a chance to get dressed up and demolish a few cocktails made sure that my Wednesday night at Bloggers Love Fashion Week was going to be a GREAT one…

But how did we get to this?! Read on.

Here’s the low-down.

Firstly I met up with the wickedly awesome Anna Marie Fashion at The Slug & Lettuce where we proceeded to sink a bottle of their finest rose – and for only £10!! I used to go to the Slug quite regularly and I have no idea why I stopped. Ten pounds!

At the event, we started with some hilarious props and poses in the Motilo Photobooth before we checked out some brands upstairs.

Joined by one of my blogger besties Sarah’s Beauty Emporium, we then watched a couple of fashion shows – all accompanied by a few bloggertinis of course.

What did I wear?

The theme was “All-Black City Chic” – following on from my female tuxedo / alternative LBD post, I thought, FINALLY! Another chance to rock the tux! So I wore that, but with a black cami instead of a button up shirt.

Here’s the night in photos, starting off with little sneak look at the Face Value Blog marshmallows which I had made by Boomf.com. Yup, my face ON A MARSHMALLOW. 

You can choose 9 of your favourite Instagram shots and have them especially made AND delivered to you all for £12 incl delivery. It’s super speedy too, I received mine within 3 days so it’s a FAB idea for a really unique (or last minute) present for that someone who is ridiculously hard to buy for!

Also, two other gems I discovered on the night – a shoutout to Girl Meets Dress, where you can HIRE an amazing designer dress for a teeny fraction of the price, and also Hidden Fashion who showcased some really decent dresses …. which I subsequently found out were priced at £7.99. FOR REALS! Less than £8 – get yourself on the website NOW.

Anyway, here are the photos – let me know what you think! Also, if you were there, holla at me so I can check out your blogs!

This HiddenFashion playsuit is phenomenal – and only £7.99! And it can be yours because I found the link to buy it here. You’re so welcome.

How great are these photo booth shots?! Which prop is the best? I love the pretend bowtie!! 

Did you see me at #BLFW? What would you wear to an all-black city chic party?


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  1. Very cool that you got to be a part of this cool opportunity. Looks like you had a ton of fun. I'm loving the tux jacket too!May from La Vie en May

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