Sleek Blush By 3 Palette – a NARS blush dupe?

For the grand occasion that is PAY-DAY, I have been looking to splash out on some expensive, fine powder to accompany my pay day night out-out.. No, no City-boy references here, I’m clearly  talking about the high-inducing addiction which is a NARS Blush. 

But which shade? I had set my mind on the classic Orgasm blush- a dusky pink powder shot through with gold shimmer. Yes, come March 31st, I was going to buy it and cherish it forever! That is, until last weekend, when my plans changed..

I was shopping in Superdrug, buying nothing exciting, cotton pads, toner and the like. (seriously, I get through so much cotton, it’s ridiculous) Naturally, like a moth to the beautiful, beautiful flame, I was drawn towards the makeup stands. 

Browsing the Sleek stand, I was shocked when I saw the Orgasm blush staring right back at me. Oh yes, dear Face Value Friends. I’ve think I’ve found a dupe…

This is the Sleek Blush By 3 Palette in Lace. A beautiful, slimline compact with three finely milled blushes inside, these coral-pink shades are as beautiful on the skin as they are on the pan. Really high intensity colors, and a good mix of shimmer and matte shades.

The thing is, some of these can be sold as individual blushes too, but under different Sleek names.

From left to right:
Crochet  (aka Pan Tao)
Guipure  (aka Rose Gold)

As you can see – Sleek Guipure/Rose Gold is a great dupe for NARS Orgasm

And, as if you didn’t need a reason to buy the palette instead of just one blush, Sleek Chantilly is almost spot on for NARS Exhibit A!

Let’s take a look up close… BIG SELFIES, INCOMING!!!

Let’s start with my favourite – Sleek Guipure (Rose Gold). A gorgeous dusky pink, with enough gold shimmer to lift cheeks and add a subtle radiance, I can see why Orgasm is so popular. 

Next up, Sleek Chantilly – a strong, super matte dark coral – this is not quite orange, not quite pink but it’s certainly beautiful. Use Chantilly to strikingly sculpt along the cheeks for a full flush of colour.

Finally, Crochet (Sleek Pan Tao) is that perfect peachy-orange which I’ve been searching for. 

For healthy looking cheeks, swirl this subtle shade on the apples and blend outward, slightly higher on the cheeks than normal. This is a great everyday shade and can be layered on stronger if you need it.

So there we go – the Sleek Blush By 3 Palette – great value, high pigment colours and the beauty is, it’s only £9.99! That’s right, 3 blushes for less than a tenner

With the NARS Blush retailing at £21.50 each, it just made sense to me to get the Sleek dupes instead – so much sense that I didn’t bother waiting for pay day and bought the Sleek blush there and then!! 

Look at my happy little face! Definitely recommend this to others, particularly if you don’t want to splash out on a high end brand.

Here, I’ve layered on all three!!

Which shade is your favourite? What else from Sleek should I try?

 What’s the best dupe you’ve found for a high-end product??  And HOW MUCH cotton do you guys get through!? 


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10 thoughts on “Sleek Blush By 3 Palette – a NARS blush dupe?

  1. Hiya! Stumbled across your fab blog from Instagram,thanks for the likes 🙂 gosh I was tempted to buy this when I saw it,looks so gorgeous,but told myself no,to save money! Now I've seen on you I'm tempted

    1. Awhh thanks for your lovely comments Kayleigh! I was only going to buy one blush at 4.99, but then I really wanted one more, so I figured getting 3 for 9.99 (and not buying the NARS one) was allowed 🙂 xx

  2. I have this palette and I'm absolutely in love with it, I never use any other blush apart from these 3. What I do sometimes is use one of the matte ones and the add the tiniest bit of the shimmery one in the middle to add some glow! I really want to get some of the others which look amazing too! 🙂 So glad you

  3. The only Sleek product I have I bought just a couple of days ago and that's a single blush in Rose Gold, which I've heard is supposed to be a dupe for Orgasm. I've not tried Orgasm myself and haven't given Rose Gold a try yet but I will be inspecting some online swatches when I play around with it tomorrow x Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

  4. Great post hun, and don't worry i go through insane amounts of cotton wool too 😛 I love the sleek face contour kit, same style packaging but with a bronzer and a highlighter in it. I reviewed it a couple of weeks ago. I love their lipsticks too 🙂 Will have to give this a try next though, looks perfect for spring. Lovely blog

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