Manuka Doctor Freebies: Mini Hero Starter Kit

Not entirely #MoneyMonday related – but thought I’d bash out this
quick post as it will certainly save you
some pennies and…. well who doesn’t love a freebie?!

Manuka Doctor recently got in touch to let me know about a giveaway
they’re running. No following required – it’s simply a free trial of their
award-winning beauty products which contain Purified Bee Venom.

Yup = venom from bees, you heard me right! But Bee venom is
apparently what Kate Middleton uses and if it’s good enough for the Duchess, it’s
good enough for me! This stuff is Purified Bee Venom too, not just any old “sting me bee” stuff…

Manuka Doctor are giving away a Mini Hero Starter kit worth £12.99.
It contains 3 samples of their most popular products. The ApiNourish
Rejuvenating Face Mask (7ml), the ApiClear Skin Treatment Serum (5ml)and the ApiRefine
Targeted Wrinkle Filler (3ml).

All you have to pay is £2.50 for the postage and packaging. I obviously got sent this for free but I’d say £2.50 is fair, given that a stamp for a Large Letter is already £1.24 AND it comes
in a jiffy bag. To be fair, I just like trying new things ALL THE TIME!!

Results so far?

Three sachets? I know what you’re thinking but I’ve been using my samples and
they do last for more than one use. And I have a masssive face!!

My favourite is the ApiClear Skin Treatment
which is a clear, refreshing gel which smells lovely and natural, not too
. This 5ml sample has lasted me 3 days so far, applying it on my
t-zone. No stinging or anything, it all feels very natural. 

I haven’t tried the
ApiNourish Face Mask
yet but the Targeted Wrinkle Filler has gone straight to
work on the fine lines around my eyes
. No obvious results straight away, but
anti-aging isn’t magic is it? Wouldn’t mind buying more of the ApiRefine to see
how it works..

Either way – if you’re like me and like trying lots of new things
without having to splash out on the full-size product
, you might want to try
this Hero kit!

All the details are on the link below:

Oh – and if that wasn’t enough saving – Manuka Doctor have also
included a 25% discount voucher so that anyone who likes the products can make
some MORE savings. Nice one.



ps – Next week, a REAL #MoneyMonday coming up. I’m talking new ISAs! Calm down, don’t get too excited….

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  1. Linderella
    April 7, 2014 / 7:24 pm

    I've heard a lot about Manuka Doctor lately. As a skincare obsessive, I'm definitely very tempted to try some of their products out at some

    • Zoe Dubs
      April 9, 2014 / 9:17 am

      Me too! So far, I'm pleased – not blown away, but very pleased. This is a good opp to try out some products!

  2. helen gatbonton
    April 26, 2014 / 1:09 am

    hoping to try someday