Mascara Myeh: Smooch Black Lash Mascara

So normally I like to blog about products I really love. I don’t really want to slag off stuff on the internet but thinking about it, bad reviews are generally more fun to read. Not only do they prevent regrettable purchases and save pennies, they also fulfill that salacious need to discuss products behind their back. (5 years in an all-girl school provides me with quite excellent experience in this area…)

So for your entertainment purposes my dear readers, I had a think about some products I’ve tried which have simply fallen a little flat. But before I go all Regina George on today’s product, I’d like to give a little plug to my YouTube channel which I have recently set up. SO. Subscribe to my YouTube channel today!

Advertising over – let’s take a look at today’s moan. Drum roll please, who’s first in line for the firing squad? It’s the Black Lash Mascara by Smooch Cosmetics

Mascara is one of those products which unfortunately requires a lot of frogs to be kissed before you meet the handsome prince. And, as you may have guessed – this Smooch Black Lash Mascara was one of the frogs.

Some good things – the packaging is nice. I love the lace design on the bottle with the teeeny tiny charms, adorable! 

It also comes in a box which just makes it seem so much more expensive. Small details like this, I’m so easy to please!!

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all that pleased me. Here comes the moan!

First of all – the brush! Yes, it’s huge but size is not everything right? The world of mascara brushes has moved on from the big brush barrel. These days I favour a silicone barrel, much thinner – or even a comb applicator! 

I’m just not adept enough to deal with a big brush like this, I end up with mascara all over my eyelids as if some teeny tiny insect has dipped its feet in ink and walked all over my eyes.

It’s not all bad though – the Black Lash mascara did add volume, and it’s a darn sight better than just plain lashes. As mascaras go, it does the job but it’s not amazing.

But let’s compare it to my current reigning favourite – the massively hyped Benefit They’re Real mascara. This picture paints a thousand words, can you see the difference? 

What do you think? Way, way more lift and length on the left right?

End of the day, I wouldn’t buy this again. However, it’s not put me off buying more Smooch Cosmetics. There’s a Blush/Bronzer set that I’ve got my eye on! 

But there we go, a little Saturday moan! Now I just want to go watch Mean Girls and quote all the words as I watch it. (Hey, it’s 10 years old this year – that’s a LOT of time I’ve had to learn them….)

What’s your favourite mascara like? Do you prefer a bristle brush or a plastic one? 

Which mascaras have you used which feel a bit flat on your lashes?


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