My Quest For Purple Hair via BLEACH LONDON.

Here’s the story. To honour my new, slightly-less-corporate-but-still-quite-corporate job, I decided to inject a bit of colour into my hair. I couldn’t go too far though – I will be working in Fashion (swoon) but I’m still a Finance bod and bright red hair (a la Rihanna in the What’s My Name video) is only going to be a teeeeny bit SERIOUSLY frowned on.

But last year, when I went to China, I got some super-awesome-love-them bright red ombre layers (see my China & Hong Kong Cosmetics post) and I absolutely adored them. I got to inject a bit of personality into my black hair, whilst still keeping the party under wraps in the office.

Unfortunately, bright red hair fades fast and it wasn’t long before my Rihanna Red layers were heading towards Hayley from Paramore – aka orange.

So, as a birthday treat, I decided to treat myself (aka let me Mr FV treat me)

to a salon dye-job to reinstate my coloured layers. I also wanted to try something different – Katy Perry purple rather than Rihanna red – and I went to the home of cray-cray coloured hair, Bleach in Dalston.

If you don’t know Bleach London, get to know. Specialising in colour, their Instagram feed is a haven of pastels, flouro and beautiful, beautiful hair colour.

Hope you think my new hair colour is equally beautiful! Check it out.

About Bleach.

Bleach itself is a no-frills, no-nonsense looking salon with the sort of minimalistic, industrial decor that’s popular in New York eateries and Shoreditch hangouts. It’s definitely not about luxury and opulence here.

The Order Of Events..

I had a quick consultation with my Bleach-er, Bradley, where I showed him the Pinterest collage I’ve been creating for my purple hair inspiration. He probably thought I was a right keeno…

Bradley asked important questions regarding the placement of the colour, and the intensity of the colour I wanted but I didn’t get to see any visual examples of the colour shade we decided on. 

I think if I was doing all-over colour, I’d want to have a bit more comfort around the end result but for the under-layer streaks I’d asked for, I went with it.

Do you like my new hairstyleeee??!  I just HAD to take a quick mirror selfie – I look like some sort of deranged unicorn!

So my hair was twisted and roped into place – and then the bleaching began! Bradley rubbed the bleach and blending toner into my hair and we let it sit for about an hour (this is where the stack of magazines and a HELLA lotta Facebooking came in handy)

After the bleach was washed out, he then applied the colours I’d asked for. He also asked questions like whether I wanted more focus on the purple, or the magenta, or about even? Little questions like this are always good and help me get the result I want.

I have to point out – the only thing I DID NOT enjoy, was the rough combing out that my hair got after washing. Yes, you’re using a Tangle Teezer, but you’ll get much, much better results combing gradually from the ends up (ie the official Tangle Teezer method) rather than tugging it from the top and forcing it through my hair!  Moany moan I know, but all I could think was “Hair is more prone to breakage when wet! Hair is more prone to breakage when wet! Hair is more prone to breakage when wet!ARghhh.

Like I said, the experience isn’t about the relaxing, Bleach gets shit done – albeit at times, a little rough-handedly.

It then took another 30 minutes for the colour to develop, my butt was getting a bit numb and I was thinking hard about NOT needing the loo….

Final Result.

No moans here, I absolutely love it! It’s exactly what I wanted – bright and vibrant enough to fit in with my Shoreditch neighbours but also subtle enough not to attract too much attention in the office!

I wouldn’t have been able to do this myself, but I will top up the colour on my own because I have always been, and will always be, a DIY bathroom hairdresser at heart. That, and I can’t stomach paying another £85 every other month.

What’s The Damage?

Both in terms of finances and hair health!

This set me (ie Mr FV) back £140. I’ll be honest, this part of any salon experience is always a bit of an ambush to me. It would have been nice to get some sort of breakdown on the price – I was expecting something around the £100-120 mark but I’m always too polite to ask!! Does anyone else know what I mean?

For the money, I wouldn’t do this regularly – especially as the hair colour isn’t permanent! However, 4 washes on, I’ve still got vibrant colour (thanks to a strict post-bleach haircare routine!!) and for a special birthday treat – I really recommend something like this!

Now for the hard part ………… the maintenance!! I’ll be writing a post soon all about pre-bleach and post-colour haircare. Here’s a preview..

What do you think? Pretty in purple or horribly high maintenance?

If you could dye your hair any colour, what would it be? I think I’d still like to do an all-over Rihanna red one day….


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11 thoughts on “My Quest For Purple Hair via BLEACH LONDON.

  1. LOVE the colours, not sure if I would have the patience for the maintenance though so looking forward to hearing more about that! Sarah :)Saloca in Wonderland

  2. It really suits you, if I could dye my hair any colour it would be crimson just at the ends.

  3. Wait, what? Do they not tell you how much it is before you get it done? (I've never been to a salon- My mum's friend is a mobile hairdresser so she does mine!). That seems crazy. What if it's an amount you can't afford? Crazy! I really wanted to visit Bleach but, after reading this, it seems a little too no-nonsense for me. Seems a bit scary and intimidating!

  4. Your color is amazing. I haven't the courage to use these colors in my hair! 🙁

  5. I love it. It's beautiful but it's a pitty it won't last like the other permanent colors. Also the salon prices are so so high.

  6. I dyed my hair bright red a few years ago and I love it but it was so hard to maintain I had to say goodbye to it! Your hair looks stunning! I love the purple and red with your stunning dark hair! beautiful!

  7. Colour is rad, so jealous. I tinted my hair purple (I am very dark like you) and went really quickly 🙁

  8. This looks amazing! I'd love to have something like this done but I'm already struggling to try and get period roles because my hair is dyed so with something like this I'd stand no chance 🙁 I did have red highlights in my hair when it was blonde for something a bit unusual but strangely the red parts reflected on my blonde hair and my whole head looked red! £140 is a LOT of money for something like this. I started off having salon dye jobs when I first when brunette but just couldn't keep it up so I'm a £5 bottle in the bathroom kinda girl now 🙂 Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. Oh, belieeeve me B, I would never part with this much, it's Mr FV's financial burden to bear lol. Would love to see some purple hair on Downton 😉

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