Instagramming those holiday pics? New Mobile Data Rules in The EU!

Not gonna lie – I am, unashamedly, a social media broadcaster. My personal Facebook feed is regularly updated with statuses (mainly about life fails and back-of-the-head pictures of minor celebrities in London) and I’m one of those irritating people who constantly takes shots of food and cool-looking cocktails on Instagram. Soz.

Yes, yes it’s most likely some deep seated link to self perception and social anxiety but WHATEVS – I could write a whole post on that and it’s NOT today’s topic. Love it or hate it, it’s up to you, but fellow broadcasters and social media mavens will completely understand when I say  – there is no time where I want to do this more than when I am on HOLIDAY!

Being on holiday is the epitome of “yo, look what I’m doing!” opportunities but this is normally all dependent on whether WiFi is available. Yup, the cost of mobile activity abroad is blimming expensive isnt it?

Well, from TOMORROW – 1 July 2014 – the EU is cutting the price caps for data downloads by more than HALF. Yup, it’s going to be cheaper to use the internet abroad!

But that’s not it – the cost of texting and calling is also going down and there’s big news ahead for roaming charges too! Read on for deets.

Basically, the maximum amount that mobile providers can charge is going down. And by quite a bit too!

  • Data Charges – used to be 45 cents per MB and is going down to 20 cents per MB
  • Sending a text – used to be 8 cents and is now 6 cents
  • Making a call – 24 cents per min down to 19 cents
  • Receiving a call – 7 cents per min to 5 cents!

This is only in the EU though and obviously – none of this will be cheaper than free WiFi, so keep using WiFi where you can!

A Future Of Roaming Free?

Whilst the price caps have gone down, roaming still remains a big cost as foreign providers continue to charge you for using your UK phone. 

A slight improvement from tomorrow, European mobile providers can now offer you a roaming deal which lets you choose a local mobile provider instead of sticking to your normal UK provider.

Even better news – the European Commission is working on rules to get rid of roaming charges all together! YES GUYS. The current way of things is to bill the crap out of people using a UK provider, when really they should just make it easier to buy and use cheaper services from the local provider. Doy. 

Apparently, if the roaming charges were abolished, this could result in 300 million extra customers for the telecoms companies – oh yeah, and about a million more Instagram photos and Facebook statuses from me!  EVERYONE WINS. *cue big groans from my friends*

Have you had any holiday phone bill nightmares? You hear all these horror stories of people racking up hundreds of pounds!

Do you think you would use your phone more on hols if roaming charges were abolished?

By Zoe Dubs

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Zoe Bayliss Wong
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