Body Shop Haul: Smooth Skin & Self-Adjusting Colour!

This summer is a season full of high ponytails, headbands, headscarves and scraped back fringes. With so much of my giant face on show, skincare is big on my list this month!!

And what better to treat my tanned hide than a little haul from The Body Shop?! Full of organic and natural ingredients, Body Shop products always smell incredible and their eco ethos is one of the reasons why they’re a skincare staple for me.

What’s First On My Face?

First up is a greeeeat summer serum. Those of you who have followed my adventures into the initial signs of ageing will know that I’ve been using more serums past 25. 

With my oily skin, most serums tend to be too heavy but like Goldilocks in the hunt for the perfect porridge, this Drops Of Youth concentrate is jussssst right for me.

Certified organic, Drops of Youth is a concentrated pre-serum which has been formulated for the first signs of ageing. Perfect for younger skins which are not yet in need of the full power aha, hyalauronic acid, wrinkle busting stuff!

It comes in an adorable bottle with a glass dropper which makes it feel quite expensive. I love products which feel fancy!

Unlike heavy oily serums, the Drops of Youth is a lovely, light liquid gel which smells fresh and is SO easily absorbed. The quick-drying finish reminds me of Ole Henriksen’s Truth Serum but Drops Of Youth is less runny. The directions say to use 2-3 drops, but to be honest, this texture doesn’t really ‘drop’, it just blobs out. Mmm LOVELY!!

I love that 99% of these ingredients are of natural origin – it makes me feel safer putting this on my skin and around my eyes.

So far, no life changing results but I would buy this again. It’s a nice addition to my growing ‘moisturizing but easily absorbed’ serum collection and is lovely to apply first thing in the morn – I swear it’s slightly mattifying!

Natural BB Beauty.

Right, with the smooth skin part sorted, I’ve also been looking for a slightly darker base to match whatever semblance of tan I’ll be getting this summer. And what better idea than a colour which adjusts to match your skin tone?!

This is The Body Shop all-in-one BB cream and it is a brilliant invention! It’s basically a white cream filled with little colour capsules which burst as you blend, thus increasing the colour the more you blend.

The self-adjusting formula is the main reason why I chose this BB cream. Brilliant for holidays, it will work with BOTH your beginning signs of bronze and your golden skin 3-days-in so you can save some of that measly baggage allowance (seriously, do Ryanair expect me to bring just ONE pair of shoes?!)

Featuring Fair Traded Marula Oil to hydrate and smooth skin, it comes in 4 shades but this is the darkest – so it’s a bit limited really! Coverage is light, but the colour is very even – check how it intensifies from white to tan.

With this cream, less is more – it seems like a small tube but you only need a bit as it spreads so evenly. My only qualm is the fact that it feels quite grainy when you apply it but this is just the colour beads which give the self adjusting effect, I guess we can’t have it all!? 

You can find more information and how to buy the BB cream and Drops Of Youth Serum in these links.

So there we go – smooth skin and self adjusting colour – not a bad little haul! What should be next on my list? 

Do you have any Body Shop tried-and-trusted faves?! 

What do you think of self-adjusting colour!?

By Zoe Dubs


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**Thanks to The Body Shop for letting me choose these products to review.

Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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    You need to try the Camomile cleansing oil and butter, absolutely heavenly!Danniella