Hi team! It’s been very quiet on Face Value Beauty Blog this week so I thought I’d write something a bit different and give you a little life update!

Mr FV and I have just moved house to live ‘me & you, just us two’ which is cray cray exciting but we’ve done it all midweek without taking any time off work. Safe to say, the last week has been an absolute MISSION.

It took three people, two trips in a van (and 2 subsequent visits back to the old flat for forgotten items) to transport every last piece but it’s finally complete, hooray! Now just the 2nd mission of registering utility suppliers and trying to haggle Sky down to more than just ‘10% off’ – lonnng.

What have I learnt from all this?

One- Moving house is SERIOUS HASSLE even if you’re not a not-so-secret hoarder like me.

Two- I have an inconceivable amount of stuff and zero willpower to bin anything.

Three- you say you’ll sell it on eBay BUT WE KNOW YOU WONT. Guilty.

And on top of that, I’m popping on a quick holiday! I’m typing this from my phone as I Picadilly-line it alllll the way to Heathrow. (Life lesson 4, always fork out for the Heathrow Express.) Hopefully this time I won’t get stuck out there – on holiday, not in Heathrow.

If you didn’t see my desperate Twitter updates about me feeling like Macaulay Culkins mother trying to get back to Chicago, last month I got caught on the wrong side of the French air traffic control strike and ended up covering 4 different airports across my holiday – les bastards!!

So, enjoy the peace for now because when I get back there will be a whole host of new posts for your reading pleasure – and another product giveaway too!

Have a great week!


What would a makeshift blog post from my phone be without any pictures?

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6 thoughts on “Downtime

  1. I'm trying to whittle down my belongings for when the Mr and I find and move into our place, I didn't realise just how much stuff I could horde in a single bedroom in the parents house! It's so hard, just when I think I've made a dent in it all, I find another huge pile that needs sorting! Sarah :)Saloca in Wonderland

  2. Congrats on the official move! 🙂 hope you have a good holiday!Danniella

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