Fix Your Summer Smile: My Top Tips

I’m going to have to accept it – summer is pretty much over. Looking back over the last few months, I wrote a lot of posts about summer beauty but, makeup and skincare aside, I realised that nothing has a bigger impact in your look than your smile. 

Sounds super cheesy I know but what is a fierce coral pout with yellowing nashers? And how are you meant to enjoy all those Twisters and Magnums with sensitive teeth? So, in an adieu to summer – here’s my guide on making the most of your pearly whites.

I never really used to care much about my teeth – I didn’t go to the dentist at any point during university, I just used whichever toothpaste was on offer and I didn’t think properly about acid erosion and looking after my teeth enamel (to be fair,what normal student does?! It’d hardly a party conversation piece is it?)

In hindsight, I wish I had done more, sooner. I’m now 5 fillings down and seriously kicking myself for having to pay a couple hundred pounds on fillings when I could have bought a LOT of high end makeup instead. Oh, and injections and drilling aren’t that great either.

Now that I’m a more ‘responsible’ adult, I’ve done a lot of research into dental health and I am way much more clued up now. And guess what – its not just about flossing and rinsing! There are soooo many small changes we can make now which will make a huge difference!

Get the right tools.

Take a look at your toothbrush- are the ends splayed out or faded? Its time to get a new one mate. We should be changing our toothbrush every few months, and, if you have an electric toothbrush, the same applies to the heads.

What should I be using? 

There is a huge debate over electric vs manual and the general consensus is that electric will give a better clean. I have some friends who equate electric brushes with bad dentist drill vibes and therefore refuse to own one. Whilst I think that’s basically absolutely mental, there are some great manual brushes out there!

My favourite of which is the Nano B Toothbrush which I get sent about a year ago and never really got round to using until the beginning of this year. 

It’s not an ordinary toothbrush – it has a decent bristle format and uses silver technology to kill bacteria both on the teeth and on the brush.

I’ve been using the Nano B toothbrush for the last 6 months and I genuinely think it gives one of the best manual cleans– the bristles feel like they get into most nook and cranny and the silver technology means that its permanently fresh – no skanky, smelly brush head!

Still Facing The Drill?

So I was flossing, I was rinsing, I was avoiding fizzy drinks and yet I was STILL having fillings. Unfair or what? If you find that you’re doing everything right but are still having regular fillings, try a higher fluoride toothpaste.

Mini science lesson coming up! Fluoride is the mineral which helps prevent tooth decay and you can get a high fluoride toothpaste from your dentist or dental hygienist. These toothpastes have 2400ppm fluoride whereas most commercial brands are around the 1200ppm mark. I’ve started using high fluoride toothpaste for the last year now and so far so good, no fillings yet!

Rebuild Your Foundations

So, high fluoride toothpaste to battle tooth decay, done. Now what about making the most of what I’ve got? I really like this Regenerate toothpaste which is clinically proven to rebuild enamel! It uses unique NR-5 technology to integrate a supply of hydroxyapatite (the enamel-building stuff) onto teeth. 

Regenerate Enamel Science also do a boosting serum which they kindly sent for my review. Its applied with a mouthguard and is basically a concentrated treatment for your teeth. Don’t worry – they supply a mouthguard too – I haven’t worn one since Year 8 hockey at school!

I love the idea that it rebuilds my teeth, especially after yeears of diet coke abuse! All the products are easily build-able into your daily dental routine and are easy-to-use substitutes, rather than awkward, finnicky treatments.

Obviously the healthiest thing for you is to cut out fizzy drinks entirely but, given that I have NO will power, I understand that this may not be possible.

Face Value Tip: Drink water after you drink fizzy drinks in order to neutralise the acid attacking your teeth! I also rinse before and after drinking heavy-staining drinks like coffee and red wine. (both irreplaceable in my life!)

Better brush, powerful toothpaste, enamel treatments, rinsing. Putting these tips into action have led to: whiter teeth, smoother looking teeth, less sensitivity when eating cold things AND most importantly – NO FILLINGS THIS YEAR! Happy days. 

Are you going to improve your daily dental routine? 

Do you prefer manual or electric brushes?

 Since I haven’t had any fillings, what should I spend my fillings fund on?!

By Zoe Dubs

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  1. I am so weird about my teeth, I probably over clean them tbh but taking care of them is so important to me. I've got to 26 and managed to avoid filling, repairs, about the nastiest thing I've had to endure was braces at 13! Really intrigued by the regeneration line, I'll have to look into that further!Sarah :)Saloca in Wonderland

  2. One teeth whitening you should really try is the new whitening strips from Stella White. It is super easy to use and delivers amazing results!

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