‘After Dark’ Makeup Look using Stila In The Light Palette!

I love that phase after you’ve just bought 
new makeup – you know what I mean? You end up using your new makeup every single day for the next 2 weeks, getting a little rush of “this is the best thing everrr” everytime you use it. A bit like that fluttery feeling when you’re in the first throes of romance? Well, I’m currently going through that romantic “new relationship” feeling with my Stila In The Light eye-shadow palette which I got given at London Fashion Week (see My Stila LFW Haul here!). 

Not to gush wildly about my new cosmetic companion but here we go anyway – the In The Light Palette really is incredible– so versatile, great quality and super useable! Literally, I’ve used every shade in the box, which never happens with eyeshadow palettes.

Of course, I know words can only take you so far in the beauty blogging world – SHOW ME SOME RESULTS ZOE!! Last week I posted a natural, fresh faced makeup look using my new Stila eyeshadow palette and today we’re switching it up and going for a moody, autumn winter vibe using the same tools. 

What’s The Vibe?

Today’s look is a soft and shimmery smokey eye, paired with subtle sculpted cheekbones and a metallic autumnal pout. 

The key to this AW14 look is to keep it soft, yet bold. The high drama is still there, but with a more subtle, ladylike finish – lots of blending and shimmer for the ultimate soft-focus look. Now let’s get a closer look with this upcoming giant selfie..

The Eyes.

I created this smokey eye using the multiply-mentioned Stila In The Light palette obvs. I’ve layered smokey greys over a base of bronze and smudged grey and gold tones under the lashes. 

(If you’ve got the In The Light Palette, I used Sunset (bronze brown) all the way to the brow bone, with Luster (dirty grey) smudged in the eye socket and Ebony (Muted black) to add drama to the outside edge. Under the eye, I’ve messily applied Gilded Gold (golden brown) and then Luster on top, by the lash line.)

BEWARE. Dark colours can often make small eyes look smaller so the shimmer really helps to lift the colour and make it less severe. I’ve also used colour all the way up to the brow and winged out far past the eye in order to give the illusion of a bigger eye.  

Face Value Tip: Check out the distance between my actual lower lash line, and where I’ve placed the powder. It’s actually quite a bit thicker in comparison to my actual eye – don’t be afraid to go “outside of the lines” in order to enhance your features.

The Cheeks.

I cheated a little here. I absolutely love the sheer, dewy finish of the Convertible Colour but my moody autumn winter required a bit less glow. I patted on the Convertible Color in Lilium before dusting mattifying powder over the top to take down the dewiness

You end up with natural looking colour which seems like part of your skin! I then dusted Sandstone (a dark taupe from the eyeshadow palette) under the cheekbones to really get that 3D sculpted look.

The Lips.

The lips change the WHOLE MOOD. I’m using my latest lipstick purchase, a metallic burgundy/brown shade called Armour from Topshop Beauty. I really like Topshop Beauty – the quality isn’t amazing but the colours are bang on trend! They change with every season, so a new lipstick colour is perfect for winter-fying your summer outfits and vice versa!

So there we go – the finished After Dark look, using mainly Stila Cosmetics.

 How do you think it compares to my “In The Light” Natural makeup look? Which do you prefer?

What beauty product are you currently in the first stages of romance with?!

By Zoe Dubs

Published by ZBW

Zoe is a Forbes '30 under 30' finance pro, style writer, presenter and panellist, working for a fashion startup and trying to live that best life in the most IRL way possible.