My London Fashion Week Beauty Essentials!

Oh mannn, packing is a HASSLE isn’t it? I’m a fan of always being prepared so, in an ideal world, I’d just bring everything. However, if I was to be REASONABLE for once, I would realise that I have both space and time constraints so I’ve managed to pick and pack the best of my beauty collection.

That aside, I’ve still packed the biggest beauty bag ever, so today I’ll just run you through the highlights – the ultimate essentials for a week like LFW!

Easy Skincare.

So LFW is meant to be about the long days and equally long (and boozy) nights. During a busy week, sometimes skincare just falls off the agenda – I can never be bothered to perform the usual cleansing routine or remove my makeup before bed (the biggest beauty sin of all!)

These Burts Bees face wipes are ideal for quick and easy cleansing – my kind of skincare! I like that they aren’t heavily fragranced, this is what puts me off a lot of face wipes, they smell artificial and make me feel like I’m rinsing my face with perfume.

With Cotton Extract, these Burts Bees wipes are made from natural cellulose and are designed for sensitive skin. They do the job and are first into my beauty bag because I can already tell I won’t be bothered to do the full Cleanse&Tone routine….. 

Look Right In Any Light.

To combat the fact that you’re running on 4 hours sleep – this amazing Hourglass Ambient Lighting palette deserves a place in your LFW Lineup. Designed to mimic different kinds of lighting, it’s the best highlighter palette I own.

The powders are super-fine and easily blendable and the colour selection is incredible. Highlighter isn’t just silvery pink and it’s not just for your cheekbones!! 

The Ambient Lighting palette contains Dim Light – a muted, peach beige shimmer which provides a more subtle highlight and can be used all over the face, Incandescent Light – a vibrant, white pearl tone, which is perfect for getting that celestial glow along the top of cheekbones. Finally, the Radiant Light, a warm, golden shimmer – it adds warmth in a way my bronzer just can’t!

Fashion Week Wonders.

The Hair Heroes for me are dry shampoo, texturising spray and shine spray – but given there’s a whole host of brands to choose from, here are my favourites!

Batiste XXL Dry Shampoo – I have been a big fan of this for ages. It soaks up oil and adds a fabulous LASTING volume to my hair. That’s the difference for me, most sprays are a bit short-term/sucky but this Batiste adds some real structure into my heavy thick hair, I love it. Check out my original Batiste XXL Review here.

Ojon Volume Advance Volumizing Styling Spray – this stuff is incr-heedible. It adds texture and oomph to any hair, without making it greasy or clumpy. In fact, it’s got a bit of a matte finish to it. The result is bigger, easy to manage hair, without crispiness or oiliness. I use this to revive my style as a quick office-to-OutOut change but it’s also great for when I’ve had a shower and my hair’s a bit fluffy. I’ll be taking it to jsush up my hair in between appointments!

Percy & Reed Eau My Goodness Shine & Fragrance spray. I’ll be honest, I was a bit dubious with the whole hair fragrance deal – isn’t that what perfume is for?! But then I sprayed this onto my locks and I realised – so THAT’S what hair fragrance is!! This hair spray is the perfect finishing touch for your style and the scent lasts ages. And trust me, it’s not the same as spritzing perfume in your hair..

Finally – going along with my lazy/cheat skincare routine, my favourite beauty item in the collection.

This, my friends, is the This Works In Transit Camera Closeup which is a do-it-all product. It’s a moisturiser, a primer and also a mask!

Most impressive of the three is the moisturising/priming function. It gives this amazing, natural skin, not-wearing-a-scrap-of-makeup finish and WITHOUT that silky silicone feel that a lot of primers have. This Camera Closeup sinks in like a moisturiser so instead of feeling like a primer on top of your skin, it dries for a great matte, part-of-your-skin finish!

Last piece in the puzzle is my new Urban Decay Limited Edition Pulp Fiction eyeshadow palette. (check out my first Mia Wallace look here) Mainly because it’s new and I haven’t gotten over playing with it yet. 

Do you have that too? Where you buy something and you end up using it ALL THE TIME, EVERY DAY for about 5 weeks or until your next beauty buy?

What are your Beauty essentials for a busy week like LFW? I bet Dry Shampoo features on your list too?

By Zoe Dubs

Published by ZBW

Zoe is a Forbes '30 under 30' finance pro, style writer, presenter and panellist, working for a fashion startup and trying to live that best life in the most IRL way possible.