TREND REPORT: London Fashion Week SS15

I need to accept it – my London Fashion Week dream is over. Time to wake up and get back to the reality of spreadsheets and smart shoes that is my day job…

And what an experience it was. Getting to go backstage to see the transformation process, sitting front row at a show like I was some sort of somebody. This has been a truly once in a lifetime experience and I’m so ridiculously grateful to Yahoo Lifestyle and everyone who voted for me.

Enough emotional chat now, let’s get down to business. What did I see? How is it done? WHAT’S THE VIBE WITH SS15?

So let’s start with the clothes.

I saw lots of pastel blue, mint green, mustard yellow, beige and white. Pastels for spring? Groundbreaking it aint but I personally love all of these colours as they’re very wearable and suit most skintones.

In terms of style, sports wear is definitely still on the agenda but in a more ladylike and elegant way. Clothes are flowing and detail is added via flower motifs, varying textures (sheer, metallic and furry!) and bold accessories.

What about the face?

Makeup is muted, unfussy and carefree. Think natural skin, neutral washed out eyes and pink lips in every shade of pink!

There were a lot of lived-in textures, think reapplying over yesterday’s eyeliner   (IDEAL if, like me, you have a tendency to get a bit of mascara under your eye or smudge your nails before they’ve set!)

Natural nails made an unsurprising appearance in shade of nude, white and grey. A bit of marbling and pattern but any patterns were mainly in monochrome.

The Mane Attraction.

Hair is either straight and groomed or dressed up up up! I saw lots of scraped back ponys and straight hair which involves a decent hair oil and some banging straighteners.

Hair up was all about the decoration! Fearless fashionistas should braid rope into a high pony or wear a jewelled piece in your parting. I saw a lot of embellished hair, even glitter mixed with wax.

Face Value Tip: For a more wearable take, I might try winding a ribbon into my ponytail.

My LFW Hero product?

At Fashion Scout I was introduced to The Body Shop Colour Crush Nail Polish and I was BLOWN AWAY. Seriously, I’m never normally excited about nail colour unless there’s a gimmick or something fancyy, but boy-oh-boy, these nail polishes are seriously glossy and apply very thick and even.

Best tip learnt?

Behind the scenes I saw top makeup artist Lan Nguyen-Grealis mattify fuschia lips using EYESHADOW! I’ve heard of dusting translucent powder over lips for a matte finish but adding a coloured eyeshadow lends an extra dimension to the lip.

The best thing? It’s so eaaaaasy! Lan taught me to apply by patting it onto the lip with either a finger or a brush – simples.

And that’s it! My LFW trend report! If only I could do it all over again, sighhhhh. What’s your favourite look? Will you be trying any of this at home?

Don’t forget to checkout the full videos at the Yahoo Lifestyle website! LFW Saturday and LFW Sunday!

By Zoe Dubs

Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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