Lush Christmas 2014 – Pick Your Present Now!

I love natural skincare, i love stuff that smells nice and I blaaaddy LOVE Christmas. That’s why today’s post is pretty much winning in every element. Oh yeahhh, it’s the Christmas preview at Lush.

Lush is that shop which you smell before you even see. Like a beacon of scent leading me to a treasure trove of lovely skin treats, I can ALWAYS find something I like in there! Something, some things, lots of things..!

Held at the Lush in Regent Street, I spent an evening hanging out with some blogger pals and basically touching, feeling & smelling EVERYTHING in the shop. Do you ever get like that? When the cloud descends and you must-touch-eveeeerything! 

I started with a quick makeover at Selfridges – just to make myself presentable of course. Me, Kimberley (Kimberleys Beauty Blog) and Rachel (BeautyQueenUK) spent aaages at the Charlotte Tilbury counter trying to decide what we wanted to try (and buy!) 

Unfortunately this was the day that the skies decided to flood the streets of Central London so I feel like all the hard work was undone slightly by our windswept, bedraggled hair as we battled it to Lush (but hey, at least our faces looked GREAT!)

Here’s a photo diary of what went down. Minus the storm battle part. No one wants to see that shiz.

BWAAAAP. Love these adorable Christmas Penguin bubble bars – back again this year!
This is a 12 day ADVENT CALENDAR. I didn’t even know Lush did a calendar! It’s massive too – priced £49.99.

Here’s my gurrrl  Ebzo ( getting her face on with the very talented Gregory Kara

Halloween Pumpkins – the Lush Sparkly Pumpkin (original name!)

These are one of my favourites – the Holly Golightly bubble bar, they’re green inside!

A firm Christmas Classic and BeautyQueenUK’s favourite! Back again for another year.

More Coming Soon!

Obviously I took some of the shop home!! My new escorts home were the ‘sweet and floral’ Little Ro’s Flowers gift set and the ‘boozy and comforting’ Festive Cheer gift set. Boozy and comforting – could any two words be any more perfect for each other?!

I chose Little Ro’s Flowers because it has the new Rose Jam shower gel which smells soooo good! Like the Prince Charming shower gel from Valentines, but slightly…jammier! Seriously-  it’s gooooood.

I also picked up the Festive Cheer gift set because it contains the Hot Toddy shower gel – which is Christmas in a bottle. I really having a thing for Lush shower gels at the moment – I don’t have much time for a long soak these days  (get the violins out) so I’m getting my Lush fix where I can!!

Reviews of these lovely gift sets coming later this week – can’t spoil you with it all at once now, can I?

Finally, a big lovely shout out to old and new blogger buddies – Ebony, Georgina, Abi, Georgie,& Urika!

Which of these lovely Lush goodies has caught your eye? Do you have a Lush favourite, or do you like to try (and touch) everything like I do?

And are you more of shower or bath kinda person?

AND don’t you HATE it when you get prettied up, only for the weather to destroy your work? CHEERS BRITISH WEATHER.

By Zoe Dubs

Published by ZBW

Zoe is a Forbes '30 under 30' finance pro, style writer, presenter and panellist, working for a fashion startup and trying to live that best life in the most IRL way possible.

4 thoughts on “Lush Christmas 2014 – Pick Your Present Now!

  1. I love Lush, and I can feel a big haul coming on from Lush as I have now used up my last bath bombs, and so we cant allow that to happen, so I need to restock back up and quick :)

  2. Amazing photos I could stare at Lush stuff all day long! I have already started trying out their Christmas stuff and I have been disappointed! Cant wait to go back! xBeauty with charm | TOOFACED GIVEAWAY

  3. I looove Snow Fairy! I will be buying tons of it this year. I'm umming and ahhing about the LUSH advent calender though, not sure whether to buy that or one of the other big Christmas sets *cough* Deck the Halls *cough*Dannie

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