Teeny Houses On My Nails – Ted Baker Nail Wraps!

Sorry for the silence this week Face Value Friends, it’s been a hectic one at work. I’m talking 13 hour days and multiple KFC visits. THANK GOD FOR THE WEEKEND (she says whilst eating more chicken)

 Fortunately, during this busy time, my nails proved to be one less thing to worry about because I’ve been wearing a pair of fantastic Ted Baker nail wraps which lasted all week! Boom.

I was never a fan of nail wraps before – I couldn’t apply them properly, I ended up with bubbles underneath and then they would just peel off leaving a sticky mess, beauty booo! 

HOWEVER. Times change! Armed with a decent set of wraps and some better know-how (which I’m going to share with you, obvs!) these Ted Baker nail wraps stayed on for a full 5 days without chips, peeling or any issues!

Let’s have a look shall we?

Another gem from the Boots Christmas preview – today’s beauty wonder is the Ted Baker Christmas Nail Gift – Prim and Polished – available at Boots this Christmas!

Isn’t it beautiful? Like a tiny house for your nail polishes! And not just nail polishes, there’s a nail art pen and these fantastic nail wraps.

Aren’t these nail wraps so cute? Teeny tiny pastel houses – bold but in a delicate way and not garish at all.

Application Tips.

Essentially, you’re putting a sticker onto your nail and then shaping it to the same size. DO NOT do this with scissors – that’s the mistake I made the first time round.

Which way is the right way up? It depends on your nail beds –  if you have rounded beds, place the rounded side at the bottom. Then smooth the sticker (sorry, nail wrap) starting from the bottom up, making sure that you don’t trap any air bubbles.

Then – and here’s the important bit – use a NAIL FILE to file away the excess. That’s right, leave the scissors alone and use the biggest file you have to file the excess so that the remaining edge just blends seamlessly into your nail like some sort of second skin.

Finally – seal the edges with a coat of clear nail polish. This will help the nail wraps to last, I guess it stops water from getting under the edges and affecting the glue?

My finished result looked like this – voilaaa! What do you think?

Really hassle-free to remove too – I gave them a swipe of nail polish remover and these wraps just peeled off! Wahey!

Love these nail wraps! They’re such an easy way to get an intricate design on your nail which doesn’t chip and takes 5 minutes to do! Super easy, super quick – MY KIND OF BEAUTY!

This Ted Baker Prim & Polished kit is part of the Christmas gift range and is priced at £14, and of course, part of Boots’ infamous 3 for 2 Xmas deal.

What do you think? Have you used nail wraps or Ted Baker beauty before? 

Any tips for getting the best out of nail wraps? Or are they just a glorified sticker to you?

By Zoe Dubs

Published by ZBW

Zoe is a Forbes '30 under 30' finance pro, style writer, presenter and panellist, working for a fashion startup and trying to live that best life in the most IRL way possible.

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  1. I've never really got on with nail wraps before, as they always seem to end up wonky and look a bit scruffy after a day or two. But that design looks amazing! I think I'll have to bite the bullet and try again with these, wish me luck! Great review :)www.alicegracebeauty.comxx

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