Benefit Blusher Swatches! The Cheeky Sweet Spot Collection

I’m so excited about this post!! First and foremost – it’s about Benefit makeup and secondly, it’s about a LOT of Benefit makeup.

The Benefit blushers have been cult collectables for me ever since the first box of Dandelion landed in my lap aged 14. However, at £24 a pop, it’s not cheap to collect them all.

Today’s product solves that exact “i want them all, don’t make me choose one” problem. It’s the Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot xmas special! Finally, 6 of their best selling blushers have all moved in under the same roof and quite literally – because the tin is a cute little house!!

Today we’re taking a close look at the Cheeky Sweet Spot gift AND THEN I’ve also created 6 different looks to show how I wear them! (it took a blaahdy long time but you’re worth it!!)

So enough of the pre-match warmup, let’s get stuck in!!

Housed in this amazingly cute little tin house are six blushers, a pot of Watts Up AND a mini brush too. It’s everything you need to blush, contour and highlight your face into beauty submission.

It’s got the following blushers:

  • Dandelion – a brightening petal pink
  • Bella Bamba – a 3D watermelon powder
  • Sugarbomb – a shimmering peachy mauve
  • Rockateur – a deep rose gold
  • Coralista – a tropical coral pink
  • Hoola – a matte brown bronzer


Watts Up – A champagne cream highlighter (I covered it in detail in my Highlighter Highlights post where I genuinely start with the words “As a self confessed flat-face”, check it out!)

The Swatches.

Teamed with matching petal pink lips and lovely lashes, this Dandelion powder is great for a dose of daily pretty. You can also use it all over the face to brighten tired skin.

Bella Bamba.

This 3D Bella Bamba Blush has a good element of pink shimmer which gives a luminous finish. It also smells fantastic! I used a luscious lip cream to carry the volume on with the lips.


I cannot stress how much you need this bronzer in your beauty bag. It’s perfectly matte, so ideal for contouring, without looking too fake. Apply to your cheekbones and down your nose. Of all the powders, I would probably invest in this one. I’ve teamed it with high impact eyes and golden shimmery lips.

This one caused a bit of a stir when it came out as it was actually smaller than the other blushes. It’s a lovely dusky rose-gold so has a decent sculpting effect on the cheeks. I’ve matched it with a dusky mauve on my lips but it would work just as well with lashing of eyeliner too.


The last one! I’ve never used this before but Sugarbomb is lovely – really subtle and natural so perfect for those who don’t want a full-on look. This is also ideal for when you’ve got dramatic eyes or lips on already and don’t want to overdo it on the cheeks. 

So there we go – 6 Benefit box of blush’s all under one roof – which one is your favourite??

The best thing is the price – this gift set is only £29.50! Absolutely perfect if you want to try a couple of the box blushes before upgrading to a full size box! Even better if you get bored of shades quickly like I do!!

You can get the Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot from a Benefit counter – or amp up your advantage card points and get it at Boots!

What’s your favourite Benefit blush?

What blush do you reach for the most often? I’m a big fan of coral to wake up my face!

By Zoe Dubs

Published by ZBW

Zoe is a Forbes '30 under 30' finance pro, style writer, presenter and panellist, working for a fashion startup and trying to live that best life in the most IRL way possible.

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  2. Coralista is my favourite and I own a few Box O'blush, but how can I resist this cute tin?! Amazing, you have definitely sold me on this for Christmas :)

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