How To Pick Perfume: Vivabox Gift Box from The Perfume Shop

How do you pick your perfume? Do you see an advert, go smell it, and decide whether you like it? Do you just grab the prettiest looking bottle off the shelf? Or do you get recommendations from friends or magazines and then try it?

For me and many others out there, it’s basically ALL OF THE ABOVE. But what if you’d like to buy a perfume for someone else? (Being the very generous individuals that you are, you lovely lot) Gifting perfume is normally a no-no unless that person has asked for it or if you know that person really really really well right? Well think again..!

Today’s post is about an ingenius little gift box called Vivabox from The Perfume Shop. Basically, the gift box comes with several little samples of perfume for you to try – and then, once you’ve picked your favourite, there’s a gift voucher for you to get the full-size bottle! Perfume gifted, easy.

Several things I like about this:

A) Perfume samples – absolutely perfect for dropping into your handbag as a little afternoon refresher, perfume samples are such a good size for travel. I have a little perfume bottle in every bag so that I’m never without a spot of fragrance

I also pop them in my travel bag so I don’t have to lug around a full-size bottle when I’ve got a weight limit to meet! (You know what I’m saying, all you pack-everything-but-the-sink people out there!)

B) Its a super way to try a perfume at your leisure before committing to the full size. None of this two-sniffs-wrist business at the shop – you can take as much time as you like and see how it wears throughout the day. 

C) You know you’re gonnna love it. I hate splashing out £30 on perfume only to realise that it smells nothing like it smelt in the shop and actually, you pretty much hate it… Have you ever had that? SOOOO many perfumes I’ve bought which I’ve sort-of gone off and are just gathering dust on my shelf.

Check it out –  and they’re decent perfume samples too! I was worried it might be full of some Grade B rubbish (cough Britney Spears fiftieth perfume launch) but look! Kenzo, Jimmy Choo, Hugo Boss, Carolina Herrera, Nina Ricci – which one would you pick? 

Actually, the hardest part was picking my favourite, I was between Boss Ma Vie Pour Femme and Nina Ricci Nina EDT ….and Kenzo FlowerbyKenzo … AND Juicy Couttre Viva La Juicy  – I LIKED THEM ALL!

Once you do decide (eventually) – all you have to do is take the voucher to your nearest branch of The Perfume Shop and exchange it for a full size bottle! Absolute genius!

In the end, I went for the Hugo Boss, Boss Ma Vie – a lovely fresh but floral scent, with hints of cactus blossom, cedarwood and pink florals. I absolutely love it, and loved the experience of picking it! Wouldn’t say no to a gift like this under my tree at Christmas!

What do you think of this ‘pick your own present’ concept?

How do you choose your perfume? A quick sniff in the shop, or after careful research?

By Zoe Dubs


Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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