FEAST YOUR EYES: A Very Chinese Christmas!

And as quickly as it came, Christmas is now over for another year! What did you all get up to?  I went for the usual massive family gathering and boy, do we Chinese know how to EAT. 

On Christmas Day, we ate from 3pm til 8pm and then the same again on Boxing Day! My stomach has only just shrank back to normal size, I swear.

Taking a small break from my usual beauty and fashion chat, today’s post is a little personal post, showcasing the highlights from my christmas holiday.

 I love Christmas – my family are really close, so it’s another great excuse to all hang out together, alongside some very decent food and booze…

My mum has 7 brothers and sisters but not all of them live in the UK (fortunately for those doing the cooking!) This year, we had a gathering of 13 people which was actually one of the smallest groups we’ve had. 

Who says good food can’t be healthy?


Our Head Chef, my cousin LapFai Lee, is a great cook – this year we had sous-vide machine!! 

For those of you who don’t watch Masterchef and Great British Menu religiously like me, a sous-vide machine basically uses vacuum packing and water to cook food at an exact temperature so that it’s perfectly even. AND DELICIOUS.

Lots of photos, obvs. 


Goose is how they did it in the olden days and I don’t know how Turkey managed to kick it off the top spot. I always imagined Goose to be whitemeat but it’s unsurprisingly similar to Duck – it’s actually dark meat and it’s delicious!

Due to the high fat content in the skin, you KNOWW why it tastes so good. I spose it’s probably a good thing that such a guilty delight is best restricted to Christmas only!

Coming up in second is this huge joint of beef!! (I did say we were feeding 13 right?)


The cheese board!! (half eaten, got distracted soz)

Starring: Truffled Brie. Spanish Manchego. Fourme D’Ambert Blue. The show pony on this plate was an amazing Comte cheese.

 This Comte by Marcel Petite was featured by Raymond Blanc (he seems like a lovely old man) a couple of years ago and we were lucky to get a slice of one of only 5 wheels in the world.

The Marcel Petite Comte was SOOO lush – aged for 3 years with incredibly tasty crystals running throughout it. I cannot even type this without my mouth watering slightly.  Comte’s not my favourite – I’m more of a Brie/Reblochon/Blue kind of girl but seriously, this was the best cheese ever.

Boxing Day (aka Christmas Round 2)

Kicked off the day in another F&F knockout – this Embroidered Lace Dress.  

I know it’s a bit of a smart dress for Boxing Day but I do love getting dressed up!! (my hair also looks nice and purple in the morning light!!)

Amazing Chinese Roast Pork Belly. So tasty – especially when fresh out of the fire!

Even more amazing is the Chinese Roast Piglet – for special occasions only. The skin is unbelievably crispy, delicious and oh-so moreish, it is one of my top 5 foods EVER.

It’s better than Chinese Roast Duck, I cannot even begin to describe it. I’ve not met anyone who doesn’t like it.

Oh and if we weren’t full already – we had Malaysian Curry and giant prawns – look at them, they’re the size of a fist!!

And these – just cos. Aren’t they adorable? Made by our family friend who runs Yipsy Macarons.

PHEW. I’m still SOO full now. Time to sit down….and plan the eating schedule for NYE!

What did you all get up to this Xmas? What’s your favourite Xmas food?!

By Zoe Dubs

Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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