Beauty Battle Of The Nail Strengtheners! Sally Hansen vs Nail HQ

The cold weather of winter can be really tough on nails, causing them to chip and flake. Today, I’m trying one premium treatment and one available at your supermarket. How did they compare?

Winter is a hazardous season for my nails. Not only are they in-and-out of harsh weather and drying central heating, my attempts to liven January up means that my diet goes a bit crazy (read: Boooozy) and I don’t necessarily get all the usual nail-nutrition I need!

For cuticle circumstances like these, a good nail strengthening treatment is what’s needed. Nothing hi-tech – it’s the same nail polish application, just with no colour and different ingredients. But does a more expensive brand fare better?

Let’s look at the contestants…

In the red corner – it’s the Sally Hansen Green Tea & Bamboo Strengthener £8.99

This is a strengthening base and top coat that helps restore weak and fragile nails to healthy-looking resilience. 

Formulated with Green Tea, a super-potent antioxidant known for its healing and restorative properties, this strengthener bonds and seals weak nail layers to resist breaking. It promises nails that can endure every day wear and tear.

I’ve had this for a while and it goes on smoothly and works well as a base coat or a top coat. However, a few months in – the polish has gone all thick and gloopy as if it’s about 5 years old..

(I probably do have some nail polishes which are 5 years old..)

And in the blue corner, it’s the NAIL HQ Strengthener – available in Tesco stores and currently priced £4.99 on Amazon.

Formulated with keratin proteins & multi-fruit complex of alpha hydroxy (lactic AND glycolic) acids, this Nail HQ strengthener is described as an intensive nail strengthening treatment which will help even the weakest & softest nails become stronger. 

It applies slightly smoother than the Sally Hansen, but not sure whether that means it’s just more diluted in ingredients?

Who Was The Winner?

So on paper, they sound very similar – except the Sally Hansen has fancy sounding ingredients like Green Tea and Bamboo. Oooh.

Both applied very smoothly, no ridges and no clumps. The Nail HQ one seems to be smoother and looks more like a strengthener as it’s slightly cloudy whereas the Sally Hansen Strengthener looks just like clearish nail polish.

To be honest, both nail strengtheners reduced the peeling and flaking of my nails. I think that the Nail HQ made a better base coat as it was smoother to apply. Also, the Sally Hansen turned into gunky mush within a few months so I’m not too keen on that. (I think I also just made up some sort of technical beauty term there..)

Other than that, there wasn’t much difference in it but the price – for the money, the Nail HQ strengthener does the job just as well, if not better, than the Sally Hansen Bamboo Strengthener.. 

My view? Don’t bother splashing the extra quids on the Sally Hansen. (invest in the Sally Hanse Insta-Dry Top Coat instead!)

What do you do to keep your nails from falling to pieces in cold weather?

 Zoe Dubs

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