Want Neat Nails? My Latest Manicure Must-Haves.

I don’t know what’s going on but my nails are having a serious stamp-my-feet-on-the-floor tantrum at the moment. My nail tips are breaking, flaking, bending – every bad nail behaviour that’s in the book!

I’ve been using nail strengthening polish but to be honest, I forget to apply them regularly and to be even more honest, I want visible results NOW. Sound familiar to anyone? Dont worry, I’ve found some simple shortcuts which will help you deal with nasty nails. 

Problem: Splitting, flakey nails

So I have the annoying problem where my nails will start flaking at the tips, which allows tiny bits of fluff to get caught on the ends, not to forget bits of makeup powder which gets settled in the ridges and makes them look dirty and unkempt.

The clear fix is to cut off the nail but do you know how long it takes to grow these babies?! How do you get clean, clear nails without having to go for the chop?

Enter this BruzZ Nail Brush. Yes, a nail brush – like the miniature horse brushes you used to use back at your parents house in the 90s! It’s evolved into this silicone, scented, multi-layered brush which gets into all matter of crevices and whisks away dust and dirt particles quickly.

The bristles are angled so that they get into all nooks and crannies – and it’s vanilla scented!

I never thought I’d be using one of these again but the Bruzz really does get the job done! The colour scheme could be improved though – it reminds me of one of those push out brushes I had when I was a kid..

Really great if you’re taking a break from nail polish and need your nails to be squeaky clean and clear. Finish with a lick of clear strengthening polish. 

It’s £9.99 normally – but you can buy the BruzZ here on Amazon for £8.95.

Problem: Breaking nails, which catch and then tear.

So its the annoying situation where my nails have got to that perfect length but I’ve just broken the edge of one. Literally no idea how I’ve done it but I know that if I don’t cut it now, it will catch and then the rip will grow bigger and I’ll probably tear or nibble the whole thing off which will probably bleed – basically IT WILL BECOME a nightmare.

The answer? Nail GLUE. I bought this tube of natural coloured nail glue and it has changed my life. If your nail has started to break at the side, instead of cutting your losses and trimming it, a thin layer of nail glue will prevent the nail from catching and tearing into a bigger break.

Depending on how big the tear is, you can either apply the glue under the tear and press together to seal it  – or if it’s a tiny tear, you can just apply a thin layer of glue over the nail itself.

BE CAREFUL – it aint eyelash glue. Its basically pink superglue, so it dries quickly and you run the risk of glueing your fingers together if caught. Try using a toothpick to get under the rip and use the glue sparingly!

Finally – not specific to a particular nail problem but I also wanted to chuck another nail wonder product into the ring too.  It’s this Ciate Choc Pot – a great new nail polish remover .

I’ve owned sooo many of these nail polish removing pots but none of them have ever really worked that well – they would dissolve a bit of the nail polish but i’d still have to use cotton wool to finish the job.

This is probably the first nail pot i’ve bought which does the job 100% – AND also leaves a lovely chocolate scent on the nails after. Delicious.

It’s also great for travel, where you need to remove polish on the go and you don’t want to have to carry a bottle of polish and some cotton pads with you. The pot itself is also really lovely looking and it doesn’t leak or slosh around with liquid! Genius product – get it into your beauty inventory!

So there we go, three top nail products for bad-behaving nails. No need to sacrifice precious nail growth any more! Now… if only I could find a way to commit to all these nail strengthening treatments I have..

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By Zoe Dubs

Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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