Emily Ratajkowski WAYF Interview And Makeup Tutorial

So if somehow you missed my endless promotion (aka boasting) on my Facebook page – I got to go see an advance screening of We Are Your Friends, starring the beeeautiful Zac Efron and Blurred Lines breakout star Emily Ratajkowski.

I then got to interview Emily about her fashion and beauty thoughts, before collaborating with Goodowl (see her blog at The Goodowl) – all of this was done for Yahoo Style so the videos are over on the Style website, but if you missed them – here they are, all in one place for you to watch now!!

Regardless of how you feel about Blurred Line, Emily is undeniably beautiful, damnit! She was really easy to interview, she’s obviously done this a million times so the interview went smoothly! I even asked her hard hitting questions such as “Which is worse, no eyebrows or no eyelashes?” – REAL JOURNALISM going on here kids.

What normally happens is that you have one camera on the reporter and one camera on the talent but my camera actually failed so I had to go back and ask all the questions again to a chair once Emily left!! Seriously, watch the full interview and see if you can spot it….

All in all, a great first movie junket experience for me! (Though I basically felt like Hugh Grant pretending he’s from Horse & Hound in Notting Hill!!)

Day To Night Tips With Tips From Emily Ratajkowski

Full Interview From The ‘We Are Your Friends’ Movie Junket

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