Good Skin Tips I Learnt From The Professionals

Following my first proper facial with the lovely Lisa Franklin, I’ve been determined to keep my good skin and get rid of some old skincare habits. And I’m not just talking about cleaning my makeup brushes!

Think of it as the turning point for good skin, a bit like the moment I realised what a difference a good brow makes. But what changes have I made to maintain my new found glow? 

Less is more 

Yes yes, this ole chestnut. I know it’s boring but IT MAKES SENSE. I’m curbing my enthusiasm (okay obsession) for trying every single skincare product out there, in favour of giving my skin a chance to catch up. 

Lisa said my skin was confused – and she was right! It’s half oily, half dehydrated,mainly a patchy mess. 

I’m going to stick to products for at least a month to see the true results on my skin, giving my skin a chance to react to the products. That way I’ll know what actually works, instead of wondering which product it was down to..

Diet’s Aren’t Just For Losing Weight

It’s not just about the weight loss, diet shows through your skin too. Lisa was able to tell my food vices just by looking at my skin! How impressive is that?

So I’m going to quit scoffing punnets of tomatoes and raspberries. I’m going to try and cut down on the dairy too – no cheese boards… basically, it’s going to be difficult. But we all know it’s for the best. Again, another boring one that we all ‘know’. It just takes a professional opinion to kick us into shape right?

Read The Label

Use natural products where possible! I always used to just get whatever was on offer at Boots but using better ingredients has really made a difference – both on my skin and mentally. 

I know it can get costly, but I want to use the power of natural ingredients rather than loading my skin with man made chemicals and that horrible silky silicone feeling! Lisa introduced me to Yonka skincare but I also like the Burt’s Bee’s facial skincare range and Antipodes Natural Skincare.

Invest Time In Your Skin

It doesn’t matter what I wear, or what my hair looks like – if my skin is clogged up and full of angry red spots, then I won’t look good and more importantly – I won’t feel good. 

Good skin is the one thing that really makes a difference, so I need to spend more time on it. I’m giving up the 2 minute micellar cleanse. Fake water on a cotton pad won’t cut it anymore!!

I’m talking about leaving time for face masks and really spending a good few minutes using my hands to massage cleanser into skin, before polishing off with a hot cloth

Clean Skin With Clean Things

Leading me onto my final point – I love a muslin cloth! Lisa said that using the cloth is great for circulation and helping the skin renew itself. But they are a haven for bacteria. If you use hot cloths, you should wash them regularly – ideally get several and use a fresh one each time. 

I’ve bought a set of 10 muslin cloths on Amazon (less than £3.50!) which are getting rotated throughout the week. It’s like fresh bed sheets everytime, but for my face, blissssss!

So there we go – my new good skin resolutions. I’m going to keep this up and see if it works/see how long I can keep it up for. If new year resolutions are anything to go by, I’ve got good skin until… next week. Watch this space…!

Do you have any naughty skin habits you need to break? 

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