Maintaining Purple Hair with Scott Cornwall, Plastic Gloves & Cold Water

It’s been a good few months since I took the plunge and bleached my hair purple. Anyone who’s ever coloured their hair will completely understand the need to preserve that exact vibrancy from Day 1. 

You’ll start wondering how long you can go without washing your hair and whether you’ll ever be able to use a white towel ever again.  Well fear not – you can still live a normal hair life and maintain your colour! Read on, for my purple hair life lessons….

The Basics Of Hair Colour Maintenance

Wash your hair in the coldest water possible. Heat opens the hair cuticle and allows semi permanent colour to wash out. 

Err, by the way, this doesn’t mean you have actually have to shower your whole fine self in ice water (first and WORST mistake I made).  You just have to change your routine and wash your hair last – oh and use the hand held for just your hair!

Alternatively, you can wash your hair upside down in the sink – also works really well. Hey, desperate times calls for desperate measures! 

This next tip is SO obvious, I’ve read it so many times and not thought much of it but now that I do it, I wonder why I ever avoided it before?

Create yourself a colour mask. 

What’s a colour mask? It’s your normal semi permanent shade, mixed in with whatever hair mask or conditioner that you have. It’s like chemistry class in my bathroom when I make it! 

I use Directions in Violet, mixed with Fibrology Conditioner for fullness, and Elvive Extraordinary Oil conditioner for moisture and a cheap Argan Oil mask to bulk it out.

I find it works really well for my hair, and it’s not expensive either as it’s just made of stuff I already own.

Colour Mask problems… you have to apply it with gloves otherwise you end up with serious purple fingernails! Google disposable gloves from ebay – you can get like 100 pairs for £2.

Colour Mask Benefits…. The best part about this tip is that by topping up your colour with every wash, you don’t have to stick to the cold water thing if you don’t want to!  WAHOO!!

So basically, I suffer washing my hair with plastic gloves, so I don’t have to suffer a cold shower. Depends what your priorities are!

What about DIY home hair treatments to maintain colour?

So I was sent Scott Cornwall Shine On Conditioning Hair Glaze to try and although it’s not specifically sold as a colour maintainer, I found it actually worked well for sealing my colour in!!

The Scott Cornwall Shine On Glaze is a treatment that seals your hair cuticle and allows light to reflect off it – thus creating really shiny hair. One thing I found out was that it actually works great for sealing colour into hair too!

It’s really easy to use, you simply wash your hair with the pre-cleanse shampoo and then you apply the glaze to your hair like a normal bottled hair dye. Leave it to develop for 20 minutes and then rinse out! Voila.

Does it work?

The final result for me was slightly shinier but not obviously shinier I’m afraid. 

What WAS noticeable for me was the colour sealing properties. Normally after I dye my hair, the first wash is generally a complete purple bloodbath as the dye washes out of the hair. There was noticeably less dye in the water with the first wash and I didn’t expect it. Smug.

Top tip: Use this, straight after dyeing your hair for a little bit more lastability!

Still gotta avoid white towels though. When they invent a product for that, I’ll be first in line!

Have you got any tips for keeping your hair colour? 

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Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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