August Yahoo Style Blogpost Summary!

It seems like aaages ago but I’ve been covering backstage at London Fashion Week for Yahoo Style, now for two seasons. I still can’t quite believe it but with LFW SS16 coming up, it’s finally sinking it – I now ‘go’ to Fashion Week! Bwaaah. 

Through my LFW work, I am now a regular writer for Yahoo Style but if you’re not active on Twitter (follow me!), you might have missed some of my posts for them. 

So today, I thought I’d do a quick roundup of some recent ones, as they’re slightly different to ma usual blog content (i.e. pink and exclamation marks). Enjoy!

Fairy-tale Footwear: Shoes Fit For A Princess

With wedding season in full swing, I wrote a princess-inspired shopping edit – on the hunt for beautiful, beautiful shoes. Check out my list and see if there’s anything that you’ll be adding to your list!

Lingerie To Fall In Love With: The Most Beautiful Bras You Can Buy

Who doesn’t love new pants?! I absolutely love the feeling when you’re wearing your brand new bra set. I’m so booored of magazine lingerie edits which focus on man-pleasing and ‘sexy’ lingerie looks – so I made a list of beautiful bras which are all for my own pleasure. Click the link and see my favourites!

The Kitchen Cupboard Beauty Secret You NEED To Know About

Exciting sounding title eh? The natural, no-parabens, no-fragrance, sugar-free approach is booming in the cosmetics industry. So why not have a go at DIY Beauty products? This kitchen cupboard essential is something that every household has. But until now, I bet you only use it on your chips….. Read and find out what it is!

Summer 2015 Festival Fashion: Get The Look

So I got to go backstage at Wireless Festival to chase celebrities around and drink free wine… But what did I wear?! Inspired by our Wireless outfits, see my 4 key looks to try at a festival this year! 

Featuring my wonderful partners in crime, Goodowl (The Goodowl), Kayo (Discoveries Of Self and Sabs (Young Eccentric). Watch this space, we’ve got some more exciting stuff coming up!!

So there we go, a little summary of my other writing exploits. What do you think?!

 What other topics do you think I should write about? 

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Zoe Bayliss Wong
Zoe Bayliss Wong

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